St Marks Road Engagement Survey

Closed 17 Jan 2021

Opened 7 Dec 2020

Feedback updated 16 Mar 2021

We asked

The engagement on St Marks Road was open for six weeks from Monday 9 November 2020 to Sunday 17 January 2021. People were asked about their street environment, what they liked about the street, what they would improve and what would they prioritise. The survey captured views from residents, businesses and anyone who uses the street to help build a picture of what people would like to see improved in the street environment and provide feedback on their own experiences.

Individual responses were received via the online survey and, to ensure the survey reached as wide an audience as possible in a multi-cultural ward, paper copies with a language template covering 12 languages were posted along with a free post envelope to 3548 local properties. 50 posters were put up in the local area to raise awareness of the survey. Local stakeholders and community groups were also asked to help raise awareness of the survey and it was promoted via social media platforms.

Due to Covid19 restrictions preventing face to face engagement, the team offered virtual chats and phone appointments to anyone who didn’t want to submit a written response but wanted to ask questions and provide feedback.

You said

Closing the road at one end to make it access-only was an early suggestion, and within the local community there has been many conversations centred around both concerns and support for pedestrianisation of St Marks Road. There was a lot of strength of feeling with different groups having different viewpoints. As a result, online petitions have been drawn up by these different groups asking people to either stop or support pedestrianisation.

From this survey we received 1115 responses to the engagement, which were made up of 474 online and 641 paper copies. Of the responses received 81% are residents who live within one mile and walk to the roadwith 45% riding a bike and 30% driving a car/ van.

Over 80% of respondents like St Marks Road due to the “local high street economy” and “personality and character of the street”. Over 75% like “supporting local jobs” and nearly 65% liked the “customer service and shopping experience”.

The most serious and moderate problem identified was that “the street is busy with traffic” (48%) followed by “there is too much pollution/poor air quality” (47%) and “access for disabled people is poor” (45%).

Over 50% of respondents think “have cleaner air”, “a nicer/safer place to walk and cycle” and “having enough shade and shelter e.g. increased greenery, planters” are essential and high priorities when totalled together.

In total 1623 ‘other’ comments were received for the four main questions asking about what people like, what the problems might be, what are their priorities and any other comments.

511 other comments talked specifically about pedestrianisation and of those 120 supported and 257 objected to the idea of pedestrianising the road. 134 other suggestions were also put forward under this category such as partial closures, limit closures to certain times and resurface the road.

We did

The feedback from this survey along with the engagement with local businesses, community groups and local stakeholders will be used to produce some design options for the street. Pedestrianisation is not being considered. The options will be presented to a local community working group who will help co-design the options. More information about what we engaged on and the results are available in either the summary report or the full report.


Businesses, residents and anyone who enjoys St Marks Road - named the greatest street in the UK last year - are being asked to make suggestions to build on this success. We want your ideas for how to improve enjoyment of the diverse stores, restaurants, events and other vibrant groups in the area.

You can take part by following the link at the bottom of this page. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the team are currently unable to carry out face to face engagement. However we are offering phone appointments and virtual chats to anyone who wishes to discuss anything in more detail. If you wish to organise either of these please contact us using the details below and a team member will organise a mutually convenient time to have a chat.

The following survey works with word reader software. However if you have a comment, question or you would like this information in another format such as a different language, Braille, audio tape, large print, easy English, BSL video or CD rom or plain text please contact us:

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