Langton Court Bridge Engagement Survey

Closed 7 Feb 2021

Opened 11 Jan 2021

Feedback updated 16 Dec 2021

We asked

The engagement survey for Langton Court Bridge and the surrounding area was open for four weeks from Monday 11 January 2021 to Sunday 7 February 2021. People were asked about the street environment around Langton Court Bridge, what they liked about it, what they would improve and what would they prioritise. The survey aimed to capture views from residents, businesses and anyone who uses the road to help build a picture of what people would like to see improved, and to see what appetite existed for closing the bridge to motorised vehicles.

Individual responses were received via the online survey and, to ensure the survey reached as wide an audience as possible in a multi-cultural ward, paper copies were posted along with a free post envelope to 1,040 local properties. Surveys included a translation offer in 12 languages. 30 posters were put up in the local area to raise awareness of the survey. Local stakeholders and community groups were also asked to help raise awareness of the survey and it was promoted via social media platforms. As COVID-19 restrictions prevented face to face engagement, the team offered virtual chats and phone appointments to anyone who didn’t want to submit a written response but wanted to ask questions and provide feedback.

You said

From this survey we received 665 responses, which were made up of 389 online and 276 paper copies. Of the responses received, 90% are residents who live within one mile from Langton Court Bridge and more than said they 87% walk to the road, 72% use a car or van, and 39% use a bicycle. More than 70% of respondents said they use the bridge three to four times a week.

Around 69% of respondents said they like Langton Court Bridge and the surrounding street environment due to it being “close to St Anne’s Park”. The most serious problem identified with 57% of respondents was that “the pavements are too narrow” followed by 37.9% saying “access for disabled people is poor” and 37.2% saying “the street is busy with traffic”. Around 36% of respondents think “maintaining motorised vehicle access to the street” and “making it easier to cross the road” are essential priority areas.

55% of respondents disagreed with the suggestion to close the bridge to motorised vehicles, and 40% were in favour.

The main suggestions that came through the free text boxes were, restoring the pavement on both sides of the bridge, reducing speeding traffic, and wider pavements.

We did

As the responses did not show consensus in the community, we are not planning on implementing the suggested road closure at Langton Court Bridge. The feedback from this survey, along with the engagement with local businesses, community groups and local stakeholders, has been reviewed to help us consider other possible walking and cycling improvements on the street. Alternative proposals for the road have now been drafted and once finalised these will go out to consultation.

More information about what we engaged on and the results are available in the full report.


We are asking businesses, residents and anyone who enjoys Langton Court Bridge to make suggestions on how to make walking and cycling easier and how to improve the general street environment.

You can take part by following the link at the bottom of this page. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the team are currently unable to carry out face to face engagement. However we are offering phone appointments and virtual chats to anyone who wishes to discuss anything in more detail. If you wish to organise either of these please contact us using the details below and a team member will organise a mutually convenient time to have a chat.

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