Kellaway Avenue / Wellington Hill West Junction Refurbishments

Closed 14 Nov 2021

Opened 18 Oct 2021


We are proposing to carry out some proposed road safety improvement works at the crossroad junction with Kellaway Avenue and Wellington Hill. 

The traffic signals at this junction need replacing due to their age and condition. The current layout also only provides pedestrian crossings across two points of the junction – across Kellaway Avenue on the north side and across Wellington Hill on the west side. This needs improving to ensure that priority is given to pedestrians and that the infrastructure is accessible to all, including pedestrians and disabled people. 

We have also received numerous requests for additional crossings here from the public, who have reported that they find it difficult and dangerous to cross currently. Therefore, as part of the signals refurbishment, we are looking to provide all-round pedestrian facilities by installing new crossings on Kellaway Avenue to the south of the crossroads and Wellington Hill to the west. This will provide safe crossing points across a busy junction along Horfield Common. This is shown on the plan.

Tree Proposal

We are committed to making space for nature in Bristol and we recognise the importance of trees both to the look and feel of neighbourhoods, and in tackling the climate and ecological emergencies we face. Removal of trees is therefore our least preferred option, but to enable these crossings to be installed and to ensure people can cross safely, we are proposing to remove a mature Common Lime tree on the northwest corner of the crossroad junction. This is because the tree would present a significant road safety issue as it obscures the view between pedestrians and drivers. Removing this tree would also improve the left turn movement for buses turning from Kellaway Avenue northbound. The buses currently struggle to make the turn when a vehicle is waiting at the Wellington Hill West stop line. 

We have been working with the Bristol Tree Forum to mitigate the loss of this tree, and plans have been drawn up to plant eight small-leaved lime replacement trees. These are proposed to be set back from the pavement along Wellington Hill West, which will allow a new avenue of trees to establish. This is shown in the following plan:

Road Safety

This junction has also suffered with accidents and we are therefore keen to provide a safer junction and to encourage walking. These proposals will help to achieve this by improving junction visibility and turning movements which will encourage walking along the common and allow a new avenue of trees to establish along Wellington Hill West.

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