A draft One City Food Equality Strategy for Bristol 2022-2032 consultation

Closed 23 Dec 2021

Opened 11 Nov 2021


People in Bristol have unequal access to nutritious, affordable and sustainably sourced food. Food inequality has been made worse by COVID-19 and is further threatened by impacts of Brexit and climate change. It is people who are already most disadvantaged who will feel the impacts of food inequality first and most severely.

The Food Equality Strategy has been developed in collaboration between Bristol City Council and Feeding Bristol. We have worked with more than 60 organisations to develop the Strategy. The draft Strategy sets out five priorities (fair equitable access; choice; skills and resources; a sustainable local food system; and food at the heart of decision-making) and a set of strategic aims that we think are needed to achieve food equality in Bristol.

We also plan to develop a Food Equality Action Plan that will set out clear and accountable actions to deliver the Strategy for food equality in the city. We intend to develop this Action Plan in early 2022.

Why we are consulting

In this consultation we are asking for your views on our draft One City Food Equality Strategy for Bristol 2022-2032. We are also asking for your early ideas as we start to design an action plan. The following survey has two parts.

  • Part A: your feedback on the draft Food Equality Strategy. The first part asks you for your views on the draft Food Equality Strategy. We ask you for your views on the five priorities and the strategic aims we propose are needed to achieve food equality in Bristol. Please feel free to give us your ideas and suggestions about any other aspect of the draft strategy. Your feedback will help us to consider how we might improve the draft Strategy.
  • Part B: your ideas to feed into the design of an action plan. The second part asks for your ideas for specific actions that you think are important to include in the Action Plan. We have not developed this yet and would like to work collaboratively to co-design the plan. Your feedback will be very useful at this early stage to help us do this.

What happens next?

This consultation closes on Thursday 23 December 2021.

After this we will consider every response, along with the results of an Equality Impact Assessment, and make changes to the draft Strategy based on the feedback. A consultation report will be prepared and presented to the One City Health and Wellbeing Board in February 2022. The Health and Wellbeing Board will decide whether to approve the Strategy or decide whether any further amendments are needed.

Responses to Part B of the survey will help us as we start to develop an Action Plan which will set out how we will deliver the Strategy together as a City. 


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