Consultation on the future of Jubilee Pool

Closed 8 Nov 2020

Opened 12 Aug 2020


The council has committed to better connect people to accessible and affordable leisure facilities so they can be active and lead healthier lives.

This commitment has seen us invest heavily in south Bristol facilities including Hengrove Leisure Centre.

Jubilee Swimming Pool was built in 1937 and is situated in Knowle, with a small gym which was added in 2012. Due to the size of the building, it can only serve a limited number of the local community.

Jubilee is operated by Parkwood Leisure, which also runs Hengrove Leisure Centre. The contract for Parkwood to run Jubilee expires in 2022.

Jubilee, along with all the other swimming pools and leisure centres, closed in March in response to the Government’s Health Protection (Coronavirus, Business Closure, England) Regulations 2020.

Covid-19 has brought untold challenges to the leisure sector and reopening leisure centres and swimming pools must be done safely. Parkwood has requested financial assistance from the council to offset lost revenue and keeping Jubilee Pool closed costs around £6,000 per month. The council has agreed to provide Parkwood with financial assistance while it remains closed so that a consultation on the future of Jubilee Pool can be carried out. 

In order to reopen all leisure facilities safely, stringent Government measures must be put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and these can incur costly adaptions. This presents a financial challenge for leisure providers and the council. 

A review of the current leisure centre contracts and the provision of leisure facilities would have been due at this point in time had the coronavirus pandemic not occurred, to meet contract expiry deadlines in 2022.  

PDF version of the survey

Why your views matter

The council is proposing the permanent closure of Jubilee Pool for multiple reasons including:

  • The council has invested in Hengrove Leisure Centre which has modern facilities and an Olympic size pool within access of Jubilee Pool
  • It doesn’t serve a large number of people and is not accessible to all
  • Considerable costs are needed to modernise the facility and make Covid-secure adaptions. Pre-Covid, due to the size and age of the building, a minimum of £260k was already needed to allow the building to function and prevent further deterioration
  • Investment in swimming must be in better pools with more modern facilities. These are accessible in the vicinity of Jubilee Pool
  • Jubilee Pool’s small size restricts growth of use and the number of customers that can attend it.  

We would like to hear the views of the local community and users of the pool. We would also like feedback on the options the council has considered but is recommending not taking forward. 

Following initial feedback there has been a statement from the Mayor welcoming conversations with members of the community who might be interested in taking on the facility.  If you are a group that would like to join this conversation we would be pleased to hear from you. 

No decision will be made until we have heard and considered the views of those affected.

Alternative formats

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