Bristol’s Big Drink Debate

Closed 30 Jan 2017

Opened 14 Nov 2016

Results expected 31 Mar 2017

Feedback Updated 23 Oct 2017

We Asked

The Debate reached thousands of local residents through variety of media coverage and nearly 2000 individuals took part in the survey. It directly engaged with nearly 2,000 people with many more being made aware of the activity and the issues relating to alcohol on which it concentrated by media coverage that it attracted.

Attitudes and opinions about alcohol and its effect on individuals and society were gathered through focus groups, community outreach, social media activity and a paper and web-based survey. The target number of survey responses (1,065) was achieved, enabling us to make statements about the population of Bristol with a 3% margin of error at a 95% confidence level. However there was imperfect stratification of the sample, resulting in the over-representation of adults aged 25-49 and the underrepresentation of young people and the self-employed.

You Said

The proportion stating they thought that ‘drinking is a problem in Bristol’ was potentially quite concerning, given that only just over half (52%) thought that it is. With 23% answering ‘don’t know’, there appears to be a case for raising awareness of the negative impacts that alcohol is having.

The social impact of alcohol concerns people and implies that future campaigns might focus on the antisocial nature of excess drinking, as opposed to the harm that individuals who drink too much may experience. This needs further testing with target audiences - particularly men - who’s acceptance of being so drunk as to be out of control is substantially different from women.

We Did

The Big Drink Debate achieved its goal of raising the issue of society’s relationship with alcohol and involving people in the debate about the benefits and harms caused by drinking and has given us some pointers towards future action that may be required.


The Big Alcohol Debate takes place in Bristol from Monday 14th November 2016 to Monday 30th January 2016. We hope to hold a conversation with people in Bristol to gauge their attitudes to alcohol in the city and to raise awareness about alcohol issues.

Why We Are Consulting

We want to find out about your attitude to alcohol so that we can raise awareness of alcohol issues in Bristol.

What Happens Next

All responses to this consultation will be analysed to:

1. Understand individual’s experience of alcohol related harm in Bristol

2. Gain an understanding of the citizen’s knowledge and attitude of alcohol

3. Understanding the acceptability of drinking behaviour among different groups

4. Gain the views of the local communities on strategies to address the problems caused by alcohol

5. To get people talking about alcohol.


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