Wapping Road - Parking Restrictions

Closes 1 Sep 2019

Opened 27 Jul 2019


Bristol City Council has allocated funding to the alleviation of congestion issues related to the recent construction of the new cycleway on the West side of Wapping Road.

The scheme aims to prevent the obstruction of two way traffic on Wapping Road by the presence of parked vehicles on the East side of Wapping Road. This issue is a regular occurrence at present due to the availability of parking in this location at peak times (evenings and weekends).

For the details of the scheme, please see the related documents (consultation leaflet and scheme plan) below.

Why We Are Consulting

This consultation aims to assess the views of citizens and local stakeholders, in order to ensure that the scheme design adequately addresses the problems in this area.

Please review the related documents carefully, then submit your comments (the link for the online survey can be found in the box marked 'Give Us Your Views').


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