Oldbury Court Road Footway & Junction Improvement Proposals.

Closed 28 Feb 2021

Opened 25 Jan 2021


The planning conditions associated with the redevelopment of the UWE St Matthias Campus included funding to make highway improvements on Oldbury Court Road.

The focus of the proposals are at the junction of Oldbury Court Road, Symington Road & Victoria Park. This junction is positioned on a bend and as a result visibility is poor from certain directions.

Oldbury Court Road is a well-used route by pedestrians due to the Avanti Gardens School and Oldbury Court Estate to the north and Fishponds
Road / Straits Parade shops to the south.

The proposals at this junction include reducing the crossing distances on all arms of the junction by widening the footways. The revised kerb
alignments will improve visibility for all road users and may also reduce vehicle speeds.

There will hopefully be an opportunity to provide some tree planting within the new larger areas of footway, but this will be subject to the location of
underground utilities such as gas and electric.

An informal crossing near the school access is also proposed. This will include a footway buildout on both sides of the road, reducing the crossing
distance and providing extra space so that pedestrians are not crossing between parked cars.

Additional on street cycle parking could also be considered if it was felt to be beneficial by parents or visitors to the school who want to park and lock
their bikes on street.

The drawing attached at the bottom of this page illustrates our initial proposals. These are subject to change following consultation and as detailed design progresses.

It should be noted that as part of these proposals, some of the existing waiting restrictions (double yellow lines) at the Oldbury Court Road, Symington Road & Victoria Park junction would need to be extended to cover the proposed footway buildouts.

The proposed extended restrictions are as shown in the attached drawing. These are minor modifications to those which were previously advertised in December 2019 as part of the ongoing wider review of waiting restrictions in the area.

Why your views matter

Before finalising our design, it is important that we hear from you at this stage, so that we can use your comments to produce a final scheme design which is both effective and tailored, where possible, to the needs of the local community.

Please review the related documents carefully, then submit your comments (the link for the online survey can be found in the box marked 'Give Us Your Views').

What happens next

All suggestions and comments received will be taken into consideration and may be included in the final design of the scheme.


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