Hillside Road Traffic Calming

Closed 27 Oct 2021

Opened 6 Oct 2021

Results updated 3 Feb 2022

This report has been created following the feedback given by the members of the public who responded to the public engagement. Information on what we are doing next has been highlighted in the report. Any feedback or queries about the report can be emailed to highways.traffic@bristol.gov.uk



Funding has been allocated by local area committee to install traffic calming on Hillside Road with the aim of reducing vehicle speeds and improving safety for all.

The proposals include;

  • Speed cushions along Hillside Road and Kingsway Avenue at key locations.
  • A raised pedestrian crossing (or speed table) at the existing crossing point outside Air Balloon Hill Primary School. The table will provide a flush crossing point for pedestrians whilst reducing vehicle speeds.
  • Pedestrian and safety improvements at two junctions on Hillside Road. These junctions are at the A431 (Air Balloon Road) and Batten Road. By tightening up the junctions, vehicle entry speeds should be reduced and pedestrians will have a shorter crossing distance. The proposals include a tree planting at the Batten Road junction.

As part of the scheme there will be changes to double yellow lining at key locations around junctions and crossings, street lighting will be reviewed and a small number of residential disabled parking spaces that are no longer in use will be removed.

Why your views matter

Before finalising our design, it is important that we hear from you at this stage, so that we can use your comments to produce a final scheme design which is both effective and tailored, where possible, to the needs of the local community.

Please review the related documents carefully, then submit your comments (the link for the online survey can be found in the box marked 'Give Us Your Views').

What happens next

All suggestions and comments received will be taken into consideration and may be included in the final design of the scheme.


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