Increase income generation and efficiency across the culture services

Closes 17 Dec 2017

Opened 6 Nov 2017


Bristol City Council is proposing changes to increase income generation and efficiency across the culture services. This would enable us to reduce the budget for this service by £50k in 2018/19.

We are looking at ways of increasing income and efficiency across our culture service beyond those already detailed in last year’s Corporate Strategy consultation. This includes introducing charges at some of our museums increasing sponsorship and changes to how the Bristol Film Office and Site Permissions services work that will make them self-financing.

Our proposals are described in the survey below. Please give us your views.

Savings to other services

You can see the full list of savings which we propose to make over the next five years as part of our Corporate Strategy and Budget Consultation at

Next steps

Your feedback, along with the views of other local groups and partners and the results of our Equalities Impact Assessment, will be taken in to consideration in developing a set of final proposals that match local needs wherever possible. The proposals will be put to the Mayor and his Cabinet to make a final decision. In making a decision they will also take consultation responses and the Equalities Impact Assessment into consideration.

The consultation results and the council’s decision on how to deliver future services will be published in early 2018.

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