Increase income generation and efficiency across the culture services

Closed 17 Dec 2017

Opened 6 Nov 2017

Feedback updated 1 Mar 2018

We asked

As part of the savings needed to bridge the gap in the council’s finances of £108m over the next five years, Bristol City Council consulted on proposals for increasing income and efficiency across its Culture Services beyond those already detailed in the 2017/18 Corporate Strategy consultation. The proposals in the Culture Services consultation included:

  • introducing charges at some of our museums;
  • increasing sponsorship income from major events; and
  • changes to how the Bristol Film Office and Site Permissions services work that will make them self-financing.

You said

124 responses were received to the Culture Services consultation via the online survey, the results of which are available in appendix B of the Corporate Strategy 2018-2023 and Budget consultation report.

We did

The consultation feedback was taken into consideration in developing final recommendations for how to deliver the service in future. The proposals were put to the Mayor and Cabinet on 23 January 2018 to make a decision. The proposals and the Cabinet decisions are available in full in the Cabinet agenda papers.

Details of the Cabinet decision on increasing income generation and efficiency across culture services are listed below

Cabinet approved the implementation of the following:

  • Charging adults for entry to Red Lodge and Georgian House Museums from April 2019
  • Increased income from major events through sponsorships
  • Increase income generation to make both the Film Office and Site permission team cost neutral by 2022.


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