Cranbrook Road Pedestrian Crossing

Closed 21 Feb 2022

Opened 31 Jan 2022

Results updated 12 May 2022

This report has been created following the feedback given by the members of the public who responded to the public engagement. Information on what we are doing next has been highlighted in the report. Any feedback or queries about the report can be emailed to



Funding has been allocated by local area committee to provide a safe pedestrian crossing point on Cranbrook Road, near to the junction of Cairns Road and Harcourt Hill.

The consultation has two proposals for the layout of the crossing. The first proposed layout is to have a footway buildout on both sides of the carriageway, with a 2.5 meter wide central pedestrian refuge island. The second proposed layout incorporates a protected cycle by-pass for cyclists heading uphill on Cranbrook Road, with a reduced pedestrian buildout on the opposite side, near to the junction of Cairns Road and a 2.0 meter wide central pedestrian refuge island.

In both options the purpose of the footway buildout/s is to improve the visibility for and of pedestrians prior to crossing. The central refuge island allows pedestrians to cross the road safely in two stages without waiting for a gap in traffic from both directions. The crossing will include tactile paving and flush kerbing for accessibility. In addition both designs would act as a traffic calming feature for Cranbrook Road due to the reduced carriageway widths at the crossing point.

In option 2 the addition of an uphill cycle by-pass improves the safety of the narrowing at the crossing by physically protecting slower uphill cycle traffic from motor vehicles.

Hatched road markings will be installed on the approaches to the crossing to make drivers aware of the narrowing of the carriageway. In the hatching there will be a gap provided, at the junction, to allow vehicles to turn into/out of Harcourt Road or Cairns Road. Due to the position of the crossing the existing bus stop will be adjusted. Double yellow lines are proposed to improve visibility around the junctions. Option 2 has further proposed double yellow lines to protect the cycle lane. The existing street lighting will be reviewed as part of the scheme.


Why your views matter

Before finalising our design, it is important that we hear from you at this stage, so that we can use your comments to produce a final scheme design which is both effective and tailored, where possible, to the needs of the local community.

Please review the related documents carefully, then submit your comments (the link for the online survey can be found in the box marked 'Give Us Your Views').

What happens next

All suggestions and comments received will be taken into consideration and may be included in the final design of the scheme.


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