Could full fibre, gigabit broadband boost your business? Give us your views

Closed 30 Apr 2017

Opened 20 Mar 2017


Future business success and the competitiveness of the city region economy will be increasingly linked with the quality and speed of Bristol's broadband offer.   For businesses that have already made the jump to ultrafast speeds, the impact has often been transformative - helping businesses become more productive, competitive and to grow faster
Bristol City Council wants to get an up-to-date view of Bristol's businesses, large and small, of their experiences of their broadband connection and the demand for full fibre broadband, ultrafast speeds (above 300 mbps down) and higher quality connections.
We also want to hear from organisations from the voluntary and community sector.    

Why We Are Consulting

Your views will help Bristol's bids for better broadband

The UK Government is helping by committing £1 billion+ to full fibre and wireless (5G) and developing a range of initiatives to help businesses join a full fibre future.  Bristol will compete for a share of this money with other cities.  To help our bids succeed they need to be based on up-to-date evidence and information on demand - hence our business broadband survey. 

Businesses completing the survey can opt-in to invites to future seminars to hear from other businesses' experiences and speak to telecoms providers.  Survey responders will also be amongst the first to know about expected new financial incentives from the UK Government to secure a full fibre connection.

What Happens Next

We'll use your views to bid for new investment in Bristol's digital infrastructure.  

We'll also inform survey responders about expected new initiatives and incentives to help them boost their business with full fibre broadband.  


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