Bedminster Road - Proposed 20mph speed limit

Closes 10 Nov 2017

Opened 16 Oct 2017

Results expected 24 Nov 2017

Feedback expected 1 Dec 2017


As part of Bristol City Council’s long term commitment to improving sustainable transport, active travel and road safety we would like to create a safer and calmer road environment on Bedminster Road outside of Parson Street Primary School. 

Slower speeds can help create more cohesive communities, improve levels of active travel and improve the severity of road collisions.

This is an informal consultation on the proposal to change the speed limit of the road. If it is decided to take this forward then we will move forward to the Traffic Regulation Order process which will include a formal consultation process. 

Please phone or email your comments to:

Phone: 0117 9036449


Why We Are Consulting

Parson Street Primary School has a 30mph speed limit outside of its main entrance on Bedminster Road and is one of only a few primary schools in Bristol not to have a 20mph speed limit. The school is working with the council and has benefited from road safety education for the pupils.

However, to encourage more pupils to actively travel to school the council is proposing to reduce the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph along a stretch of Bedminster Road. This will allow pupils to benefit from reduced speeds and help create a safer and calmer road environment for all, including residents.

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