Ashton Vale Area Parking Restrictions

Closed 15 Sep 2019

Opened 17 Aug 2019


Bristol City Council’s Road Safety and Local Engineering team propose the implementation of new parking restrictions (double yellow lines) in the Ashton Vale area, in order to ease access for large vehicles such as fire engines, bin lorries and HGVs.

Please refer to the related documents section at the bottom of this web page in order to view the scheme plans, which show the proposed restrictions in detail.

The related scheme plans, as titled below, can be referenced as follows:

Drawing number RS19001-AV-C-01

  • Site 1 Silbury Road – The new restrictions (double yellow lines) adjacent to numbers 60 to 65 and the ‘Ashton Vale Club For Young People’ are intended to prevent parking at the junction to the new housing development. This junction protection is required to maintain access for the emergency services, large delivery vehicles and refuse vehicles. It will also preserve visibility at the junction for all road users.


  • Site 2 Risdale Road (at the junction with Langley Crescent) – The new restrictions (double yellow lines) adjacent to numbers 53 and 92 Risdale Road are to ensure safe access through the area for all road users. The restriction outside number 53 is required to prevent motorists from parking such that they obstruct a left turn from Risdale Road onto Langley Crescent. The restriction outside number 92 is to ensure that all vehicles can safely navigate the bend in Risdale Road.


  • Sites 3-4South Liberty Lane, at the junctions with Brook Gate and Risdale Road respectively – These new restrictions will ease access for large vehicles (HGVs/buses in particular experience issues in these locations).  The junction with Brook Gate is a particularly problematic pinch point when vehicles are parked on the bend, which has led to the proposal of a no loading or unloading at any time restriction at this location. It is important that easy access to Ashton Vale for large vehicles coming from the South Bristol Link Road is maintained, particularly to access local businesses and ensure bus service punctuality.


Drawing number RS19001-AV-C-02

  • Sites 5-9 and Sites 8-9 – along the length of South Liberty Lane These new restrictions (double yellow lines) on the south side of South Liberty Lane and on both sides where the carriageway is particularly narrow, are proposed to ease access for HGVs traffic travelling to and from the area via the South Bristol Link Road.

IMPORTANT additional information:

Signal upgrade works are forecast to take place on South Liberty Lane railway overbridge at the end of this year or in early 2020.  In order to undertake the signal works safely and efficiently, a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) will be in place restricting parking between the railway bridges on South Liberty Lane for the duration of the works. 

The TTRO will allow for double yellow lines to be marked on the road to restrict parking.  Please be advised that although the double yellow lines implemented by the TTRO may be marked in the same location as our proposals, they are temporary; only for the duration of the signal works.  The introduction of permanent double yellow lines as part of our proposals will be subject to statutory consultation.

We are aware that forthcoming changes to the number 24 bus route may give rise to requests for additional restrictions, to prevent motorists from obstructing the bus by parking on its route.  We will monitor this situation as it develops and may revise our scheme design to incorporate additional restrictions if thought necessary.  There will be an opportunity to object to or comment on any additional restrictions; objections can be made during the statutory consultation period.

Why We Are Consulting

Before finalising our parking restriction design, it is important that we hear from you at this stage, so that we can use your comments to produce a final scheme design which is both effective and tailored, where possible, to the needs of the local community. The final scheme design will be published for a second consultation, as a statutory requirement, later this year.

Please review the related documents carefully, then submit your comments (the link for the online survey can be found in the box marked 'Give Us Your Views').

What Happens Next

All suggestions and comments received will be taken into consideration and may be included in the final design of the scheme.

The next step after the receipt of comments and revision of the scheme is the drafting of a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), which is a legal requirement for the implementation of waiting restrictions. This can be a lengthy legal process which will involve placing a Notice of Intent in the local press and posting notices on site to advertise the proposals.


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