Consultation on Behalf of Cotham School. Expansion From 8 to 9 Forms of Entry for September 2018

Closes 31 Mar 2017

Opened 2 Mar 2017


Cotham School are consulting on an expansion from 8 to 9 forms of entry from September 2018.  An increase to the School's Planned Admissions Number from 216 to 243. 

As part of the process of expanding the school, Cotham are consulting with parents, carers and other stakeholders to provide the opportunity to give their views about the proposal.

If you wish to respond to this consultation or you if have any questions, please contact the school directly by emailing:

Why We Are Consulting

Working with Bristol City Council, Cotham School are expanding to address a shortage of secondary school places.


  • All Areas


  • Children / Young People
  • Expert Stakeholders
  • Parents, carers and guardians
  • Community & Voluntary organisations


  • Children and young people
  • Councils Governance arrangements
  • Education and early years