Commissioning services for parents with babies and young children

Closed 6 Dec 2017

Opened 11 Oct 2017

Results expected 31 Mar 2018

Feedback expected 31 Mar 2018


We are consulting on a draft plan setting out how we propose to commission the following services for parents with young children -

Parent and child assessment placements – These are short-term placements, usually of about 12 weeks, for families where there are concerns about the parents’ ability to safely parent their child(ren). Placements are often ordered by the court in child protection court proceedings to inform the court about whether or not the child(ren) should continue to live with their parent(s). These placements are either in residential centres or with foster carers.

Homelessness prevention services – These services are for vulnerable parents with babies and young children who are at risk of homelessness. They include floating support and short-term supported accommodation.

Why we are consulting

We would like people's views about our proposals. In particular we would like to hear from

  • People who provide the services we are recommissioning
  • Parents who’ve had experience of the services
  • People who work with vulnerable parents and families
  • People involved in child protection legal work
  • Commissioners from other local authorities

What happens next

We will consider consultation feedback and take it into account when we finalise our commissioning plan.

The decision to adopt the final commissioning plan will be taken by the Mayor in a Cabinet meeting.


  • Consultation workshop for providers and practitioners

    From 15 Nov 2017 at 14:00 to 15 Nov 2017 at 16:30

    This is a workshop at Bristol City Hall for providers and practitioners working with vulnerable families with babies and young children to give their views on our proposals.

    To book your place, click below.


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