Admission Arrangements For Schools Not Maintained by the Local Authority 2022 2023

Closed 31 Jan 2021

Opened 19 Oct 2020


Bristol City Council is responsible for determining admission arrangements for all community and voluntary controlled (VC) school in Bristol. 

We are not responsible for decisions made on behalf of other schools including; academies, foundation and voluntary aided schools.  However, in order to support  all maintained Bristol schools who are looking to reach an audience for their consultation we are posting details of other schools' proposed admission arrangements herewith. 

The Local Authority will be consulting on admission arrangements for the 2022/2023 academic year for LA maintained schools in a separate consultation, due to open in November 2019. 

Why your views matter

The governing bodies of the following schools are consulting on their proposed admission arrangements for the 2022/2023 school year and are inviting comments on their proposals.  Please note, closing dates will vary.

Bristol Free SchoolBristol Free School

The school is consulting on the clarification of over subscription critiera for siblings and children of staff. 

Documents with more information can be found below.

Added to Citizen Space 15th December 2020.  The consultation will run until 26th January 2021. 

Please address all responses to Clerk to Governors to or Bristol Free School, Concorde Drive, Bristol. BS10 6NJ.

Cathedral Schools Trust -

  • Bristol Cathedral Choir School (BCCS)
  • Cathedral Primary School
  • Headley Park School
  • Stoke Park Primary School
  • Trinity Academy 
  • Victoria Park Primary School

The trust is consulting to clarify information regarding processes.

For Trinity school there are also proposed changes to the oversubscription critiera and inner and outer priorty areas.

Click here for a full summary of changes to the proposed admissions policies

Added to Citizen Space 18th November 2020.  Consultation closes 5th January 2021

Christ Church C of E Primary School

The school has reviewed the oversubscription critieria and policy wordingm making changes for clarity and to be compliant with the Admissions Code. A full summary can be found in the documents section, below.

For more information visit the school's admissions webpage.

the feedback form can be completed via this link:

Christ Church C of E Primary School, Clifton eNewsletter (

The consultation opens 7th December 2020, closing 17th January 2021.

Cotham School -

1 - To remove the requirement for staff to have been employed for two years before being able to apply for a priority place.

2 – To change the order of priority of staff children and siblings.

Consultation open from 19th October 2020 until 7th December 2020

Excalibur Academies

  • May Park Primary School (see documents below)
  • Fairfield High School (see documents below)

Please address all comments to Cathryn Poole, Admissions Officer by email to   

Venturers Trust

  • Barton Hill Academy - Reduced Published Admission Number (PAN) from 90 to 60 
  • Colston's Girls' School - remove admission critieria allowing priority to children attending The Dolphin School.  Also clarity of definations including; siblings, address, normal age range, late applications as well as changes to the sixth form policy
  • Fairlawn Primary School - Reduced Published Admission Number (PAN) from 60 to 30 
  • the Dolphin School - Reduced Published Admission Number (PAN) from 60 to 30 

Click here for a full summar of changes to the proposed admissions policies

Added to Citizen Space 23rd November 2020.  Consultation closes 15th January 2021.

Summerhill Academy - Summerhill Academy Admissions

Summerhill Academy  is proposed to reduce the Published Admission Number (PAN) from 90 pupils to 60 pupils from September 2022.

The reason for the reduction is the majority of pupils at Summerhill Academy attended Summerhill Infants (a maintained school) and infant pupils are prioritised in the admissions policy oversubscription criteria. The Infant school have seen falling numbers over the last few years and last winter consulted on and determined a reduction in PAN from 90 to 60.

No other elements of the Admissions policy and oversubscription criteria are changing.

A copy of the full draft policy can be found below.

Added to Citizen Space 9th December 2020.  Consultation closes 21st January 2021

Any comments or objections to the proposals should be sent to

St Bede's Catholic CollegeSt. Bede's Catholic College - Admissions (

The review includes the school admission policy, the sixth form policy as well as the application form. 

Copies of all the admissions documents can also be found among the documents below.

All responses should be returned to 

Added to Citizen Space 8th December 2020.  Consultation closes 31st January 2021.

Trust In Learning AcademiesAdmissions Consultation (

  • Bridge Learning Campus Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Filton Avenue Primary School
  • Orchard Secondary School 
  • Parson Street Primary

Trust in Learning Academies Trust are consulting on the admission policies for their Bristol schools.  Although there are no changes to the current over subscription critiera and tie breaker there has been some change to how the admission arrangements are laid out, with each school having their own distinct arrangements.  

the documents can be found via the link above or in the download section at the bottom of this page.

All feedback should be sent to 

Added to Citizen Space 21st December.  The consultation closes 31st January 2021 

Any responses to the consultations for these schools should be sent to the individual school concerned, as directed on their website, by the closing date.

What happens next

The results of these consultations will be determined by the schools' governing bodies by 28th February 2021.  Results will be available from the school as well as published on their websites prior to September 2021.


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