Admission Arrangements For Schools Not Maintained by the Local Authority 2021 2022

Closed 31 Jan 2020

Opened 31 Oct 2019


Bristol City Council is responsible for determining admission arrangements for all community and voluntary controlled (VC) school in Bristol. 

We are not responsible for decisions made on behalf of other schools including; academies, foundation and voluntary aided schools.  However, in order to support  all maintained Bristol schools who are looking to reach an audience for their consultation we are posting details of other schools' proposed admission arrangements herewith. 

The Local Authority will be consulting on admission arrangements for the 2021/2022 academic year for LA maintained schools in a separate consultation, due to open in November 2019. 

Why We Are Consulting

The governing bodies of the following schools are consulting on their proposed admission arrangements for the 2021/2022 school year and are inviting comments on their proposals.

  • School of Christ the King (Catholic Primary) (Consultation ends 9th December)

  • Holy Cross Catholic Primary (Consultation ends 9th December)

  • Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary (Consultation ends 9th December)

  • Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Primary  (Consultation ends 9th December)           

  • St Bernadette Catholic Primary (Consultation ends 9th December)                   

  • St Bernard Catholic Primary (Consultation ends 9th December)                       

  • St Bonaventure Catholic Primary (Consultation ends 9th December)                  

  • St Joseph’s Catholic Primary (Consultation ends 9th December)

  • St Nicholas of Tolentine Catholic Primary (Consultation ends 9th December)   

  • St Patrick Catholic Primary (Consultation ends 9th December)                      

  • St Pius X Catholic Primary (Consultation ends 9th December)                           

  • St Teresa Catholic Primary (Consultation ends 9th December)                         

  • St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School (Consultation ends 3rd December) 

  • Stoke Bishop C of E primary School (Consultation ends 9th December)

  • St Anne's Infant School (Consultation ends 30th December)

Reducing PAN from 90 to 60

  • Blaise High School (Consultation ends 18th December)

  • Oasis Bank Leaze (Consultation ends 6th January 2020)

  • May Park (Consultation ends 6th January 2020)

  • Evergreen Primary Academy (Consultation ends on 31st January)

  • St Bede's Catholic College (Consultation ends on 31st January)

  • Oasis Brislington (Consultation ends on 21st January)

Oasis Long Cross (Consultation added to this page 17th December 2019.  Contact the school for closing date)

Oasis New Oak (Consultation added to this page 17th December 2019.  Contact the school for closing date)

Oasis Connaught (Consultation added to this page 17th December 2019.  Contact the school for closing date)

Any responses to the consultations for these schools should be sent to the individual school concerned, as directed on their website, by the closing date.



What Happens Next

The results of these consultations will be determined by the schools' governing bodies by 28th February 2020.  Results will be available from the school as well as published on their websites prior to September 2020.


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