The St Pauls Conversation Part of Our Local Library

Closed 30 Apr 2011

Opened 12 Feb 2011

Results updated 23 May 2011

The community developed ideas and feedback which are summarised in the attached files.



The Learning & Family Centre already has some amazing facilities like the crèche, library, cafe, computer rooms, there’s even a dark room, but it is time to widen the use of the centre. What could you be using if for and how could you make it a reality? This is about open collaboration, good ideas and getting all of the people who can make them a reality together in one room whilst giving members of the community the support they need to actively manage the services their services in the future.

Why your views matter

We rely so much on those in positions of power to provide the services we need to live healthy, happy lives. But as we all know the times they are a-changin' and chances are your local library needs you. There is the chance to collaboratively & creatively rethink how St Pauls Learning and Family Centres’ services are delivered to meet the needs of the local community.


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