Tenant Involvement Research Questionnaire 2016

Closed 20 Mar 2017

Opened 1 Nov 2016

Results expected 31 Mar 2017

Feedback expected 28 Apr 2017


The overall purpose of this consultation is to support Housing Services to develop a new Tenant Participation Strategy and Action Plan for the next three year period.

Why We Are Consulting

The aims of the consultation are:

  • To review the progress of tenant participation since the publication of the last Tenant Participation Strategy 2012- 2015.
  • To gather the views of council tenants and leaseholders to evaluate how well participation is working “on the ground”.
  • To identify what needs to be in place to develop tenant participation going forward.  

Responses will help us to get a better picture of how tenants prefer to give feedback and get involved.


  • All Areas


  • Council tenants


  • Housing