Sex Establishment Policy Review

Closed 31 May 2018

Opened 3 Apr 2018

Results expected 31 Jul 2018


The Council adopted legislation in 2012 which gave it the ability to control and regulate Sex Establishments. A policy was developed at that time and the Council is now reviewing it.

This questionnaire will be used to inform the draft policy, and a further consultation on the draft policy will take place later in the year.

This questionnaire is focused on all types of sex establishments, and a description of each type is included in the further information section at the start of this questionnaire.

Why We Are Consulting

We are seeking views on sex establishments to inform a review of the policy for these types of premises.

What Happens Next

The results of the questionnaire will be collated and presented to the Sex Establishment Working Group which is likely to be in the Summer of 2018.


  • All Areas


  • All residents
  • Expert Stakeholders
  • Equalities group(s)
  • Community & Voluntary organisations


  • Sexuality issues
  • Environment
  • Planning