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Closed 29 Jan 2018

Opened 6 Nov 2017

Feedback updated 1 Mar 2018

We asked

By April 2019 the council has a target to reduce what it spends each year on parks by at least £2.868 million.  This means services will need to be run in a very different way; we will need to work more with communities, make more money, create more partnerships, make services as efficient as possible and reduce some of the things we do now.  As we move forward we want to be positive and ambitious for our parks whilst being clear that we have to work differently to maintain a much valued level of service citywide.

In order to make the savings, we have taken the approach of trying to earn as much money as possible so we can keep service reductions to a minimum.  The alternative would be to make the savings by reducing the service and removing facilities which cost the council a considerable amount of money to keep and maintain.

Between 6 November 2017 and 29 January 2018, we consulted on proposals for:

  • generating more income from parks;
  • reducing some existing service provision to reduce costs;
  • increasing the number of pay and display parking spaces in parks, and increasing the parking charges on sites that already have pay and display parking; and
  • proposals for the Parks Service to be delivered by a Trust or similar organisation rather than the City Council Council.

In addition to the Parks & Green Spaces survey, we hosted drop in sessions in Netham, Knowle West, Henbury and Brentry and City Hall with parks officers available to discuss the content of the consultation with members of the public.

This consultation has closed.

The proposals on which we consulted are described in the full survey document.

The consultation document translated into British Sign Language is available here: BSL Parks and Green Spaces Consultation

You said

We received 2670 responses to the survey.

A consultation report which summarises this feedback is being prepared and will be published on this website later in the Spring

We did

We will update this section when decisions have been made about the proposals


This consultation has closed


What happens next

Your feedback, along with the views of other local groups and partners and the results of our Equalities Impact Assessment, will be taken in to consideration in developing a set of final proposals that match local needs wherever possible.

Decisions related to the proposals in this consultation will be made publicly at future Cabinet meetings. In making a decision, the Mayor and his Cabinet, will take consultation responses and the Equalities Impact Assessment into consideration.

You can find forthcoming Cabinet meetings and their agenda at



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