Council Tax Reduction – scheme for 2018/19

Closed 24 Sep 2017

Opened 3 Jul 2017

Results expected 24 Sep 2017

Feedback expected 31 Oct 2017


Council Tax Reduction (CTR) is a discount scheme that is operated by all English councils to support low income households with the cost of their council tax.  Bristol is one of a small number of councils that has continued to provide the same levels of support to residents since 2013.  Changes can only be made for working age households.  Pensioners are protected from any changes by regulations.

The council has agreed to continue with its scheme for the current year (2017/18) and is reviewing the scheme for 2018/19.

It is forecast that the scheme would cost £41.8million in 2018/19 if current levels of support are maintained.  This would exceed the current budget for the scheme by £4.1million and represents an additional financial pressure.  This comes at a time when the council will already have less money to provide services in Bristol over the coming years.  Given these circumstances the council is not proposing to maintain the current scheme.

Why your views matter

Councils are required to review their CTR schemes annually and consult on any proposed changes to them. 

We are seeking the views of citizens, businesses, organisations and other interested parties on three potential options for the CTR scheme in 2018/19.  These views will be used to develop a final scheme over the coming months before a decision is made by full council.


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