The Bristol Eating Better Award Scheme

Closes 31 Mar 2019


Select from a range of simple actions that you can take, or are already taking. The more you do, the higher level of award you get:

  Commitment Level =  committing to just two actions from Objectives 1-5 and two from 6-10

  Bronze = committing to doing 40-55% of the relevant actions

  Silver = committing to doing 56-85% of the relevant action

  Gold = committing to doing 86% or more of the relevant actions.

  • Not all the actions will be applicable for your business -mark these as ‘not applicable’ and they won’t affect your score.
  • At the end you will be asked a few mandatory questions to help evaluate the success of this award.
  • Award stickers and certificates must be displayed in prominent positions where customers can see them. 
  • The application relies upon your honesty however a percentage of award holders will receive a visit from the Award team. 
  • Award are valid for one calendar year. An email will be sent to you before expiry to remind you to re-apply.
  • If you need help please email and someone will contact you (Monday to Friday 9am-3pm).

To apply for this award, the business must have a food hygiene rating score of 4 or 5. •Businesses who are mainly involved in retail, or in caring for the very young or very old are not eligible to apply. •Businesses owned by a Tobacco company are not eligible to apply. Please confirm your eligibility below:


Business details

Please provide your contact details below:

NB: Please enter your email address carefully as you will automatically be emailed a copy of your application and it will also be used for subsequent correspondence. 

All award holders can be listed on the Bristol Eating Better website here . Please record your preferences below: