Discretionary Rate Relief Policy Consultation

Closed 24 Dec 2017

Opened 2 Oct 2017

Results expected 31 Jan 2018

Feedback expected 1 Mar 2018


Due to reductions in government funding and the needs of a growing and ageing population, the council will have less money to provide services over the next five years.  It is forecast that the Discretionary Rate Relief (DRR) scheme would cost an estimated £522,000 in 2018/19 if current levels of support are maintained.  This would exceed the current budget for the 2018/19 scheme by £158,000 and represents an additional financial pressure.  

We have come up with options which continue to support charities, voluntary groups and not-for-profit organisations but makes the savings.

Why We Are Consulting

To seek the views of citizens, charities, voluntary organisations and not for profit groups on how the DRR scheme should be redesigned for April 2018.

What Happens Next

We will draft a proposed policy, taking the views of all respondents into account. The proposed policy will then go to the Mayor and Cabinet for consideration and if approved we will then invite applications for the relief to start from April 2018.


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