Lyppiatt Road – Footway Improvement Scheme

Closed 31 Dec 2018

Opened 12 Dec 2018


Due to obstructive footway parking, improvements to pedestrian access at the southern end of Lyppiatt Road are proposed (see associated drawing).

The western footway is proposed to be widened to a width that will allow bollards and cycle parking to be installed, this will stop the parking that currently occurs.  The eastern footway will also be widened as it has been noted that vehicles parking on the adjacent Tesco land often encroach onto the public footway. Bollards cannot be installed on this side of the road due to the access requirements to the Tesco loading and parking areas.

Why We Are Consulting

We are seeking residents and other highway users views on this proposed design.

What Happens Next

Any comments received will be considered in due course. If this results in any significant changes to the scheme design, the amended design will be posted on public notices on Lyppiatt Road. Alternatively if no changes are proposed, the scheme of improvements will be offered to a contractor to implement and residents and local businesses will be informed of start dates etc.


  • Easton


  • All residents
  • Business


  • Traffic and transportation