Transport improvements on Muller Road

Closed 7 Apr 2019

Opened 25 Feb 2019

Results Updated 15 Apr 2019

A summary results report is now available. This report provides details of responses to non-free text questions, and other information about the consultation.

We will create a consultation report that incorporates the consultation feedback and will guide us towards a preferred option going forward.

This will be released alongside a design review that will identify changes to the design (where appropriate). This should be released in the next two months.

All anonymised consultation responses will be released as part of the full consultation report, which will be released once we have been able to analyse the information we have received.

You can download the results report below.



Muller Road is a busy transport route between Horfield, Lockleaze and Eastville. It is an important bus route and is also used by large numbers of pedestrians and cyclists, including school children.

More than 1,000 houses are planned in Lockleaze in the next few years, and Muller Road is already a congested route. This, along with a new school, two new supermarkets, and the on-going population increase of Bristol, means we need to take action now.

Significant congestion causes long delays to all traffic, including buses, for much of the day. We want your feedback on our proposals for transport improvements along Muller Road.

What we are proposing

Our proposals are summarised below and in the summary map in the leaflet sent to local residents, which can be seen by clicking here.

To see detailed drawings of the proposals, please scroll down to the "Related" section. Each drawing is named "Detailed drawing" followed by the area it covers.

Summary of proposals

  • Adding an extra southbound (towards the M32) lane to sections of Muller Road for buses, coaches, cyclists, taxis and motorcycles. This would free up the existing lanes for other vehicles.
  • Upgrading all bus stops along Muller Road, to bring them all up to a modern standard.
  • Transforming a large section of pavement alongside Muller Road by widening it to at least three metres wide and allowing use by both pedestrians and cyclists, extending and improving traffic-free routes for all users. Around seven trees would be lost as part of creating the path - we’ve reduced this loss as much as possible.
  • Creating a new traffic light controlled junction where Ralph Road meets Muller Road. This is a measure requested by the planning officers working with Lidl to reduce the impact on traffic of the new supermarket.
  • A new traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing near The Old Library, to replace a pedestrian island which is heavily used by schoolchildren and other pedestrians.
  • A new traffic light controlled pedestrian and cyclist crossing near Tackley Road, to allow easy access between Muller Road and Tackley Road.
  • Reducing delays at the Glenfrome Road junction by banning one of the right turns, potentially increasing the time the lights are green for Muller Road drivers by an hour every day.
  • Making some side streets one way. This will improve safety and reduce delays along the whole of Muller Road by reducing the number of vehicles turning across traffic using Muller Road.
  • Closing direct access to Springfield Avenue from Muller Road to reduce rat-running, improve safety and reduce the high accident rate at the junction with Draycott Road.

The proposed new bus lanes would require parking restrictions along both sides of the road, to allow for free-flowing vehicles.

Other parking restrictions are proposed, to help make junctions work better - for example, at the junction of Gloucester Road and Muller Road, parked vehicles currently mean that it's often impossible to have more than five vehicles in the left turn lane. Extending the parking restriction here would reduce journey times and make the junction work better.

These proposals are still at a very early stage, and no decisions have been made.

We want you to understand exactly what is being proposed. In the 'Related' section near the bottom of this page, we have provided the technical drawings, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and a detailed list of proposed changes (large and small) and the reasons for each.

These proposals are designed to help create a practical alternative to the private car, while increasing capacity for all vehicles. Buses, taxis, coaches, motorcycles and bicycles would be able to use the proposed new bus lanes while other vehicles would have the same number of lanes as before and more efficient traffic lights at junctions.

Why We Are Consulting

The aim of this consultation is to ask for your views on the proposals. We want to know which aspects of the proposals you support, any concerns you may have and your suggestions for how the proposals might be improved.

We will review all your feedback and decide if we should continue with the proposals and which changes to the proposals are possible. If the proposal progresses to the next stage, we will consult on revised proposals through the planning process or the Traffic Regulation Order process.

Please provide your feedback now so we can consider at this early stage if your suggestions can be included in the revised proposals - please do not wait until the second consultation phase to tell us about something you think should be changed.

For this consultation we have aimed to provide you as much information as we can. In the 'Related' section at the bottom of this page we have provided:

  • The detailed technical drawings of the whole route
  • Tips on how to understand and view the technical drawings
  • Frequently asked questions, with long-form answers about many of the main changes
  • A 'proposed changes and reasons for changes' document that summarises each change (big and small) and provides a reason for each
  • The leaflet sent to local residents which has an overview map of the proposals.

If you would like to talk to us, please come to one of the drop-in sessions we are holding at locations in the Muller Road area. Details of dates and times are available at the bottom of this page, on the leaflet distributed to local residents (click here to view), and on Bristol City Council’s social media pages (Facebook and Twitter

You can request a paper copy or alternative formats of this document by emailing or contacting us on 0117 922 2848.



  • Bishopston and Ashley Down
  • Easton
  • Eastville
  • Frome Vale
  • Horfield
  • Lockleaze


  • Anyone from any background


  • Children and young people
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  • Voluntary sector
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Environment
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