Bristol Transport Strategy consultation 2018

Closed 2 Nov 2018

Opened 24 Sep 2018

Results expected 31 Jan 2019

Feedback updated 13 Mar 2019

We asked

The draft Bristol Transport Strategy went out to public consultation in the Autumn of 2018. The consultation consisted of a number of engagement measures, which included:

  • A questionnaire;
  • An online simulator tool to identify transport priorities;
  • A video and social media content;
  • Questions within the Citizens Panel survey;
  • Engagement with community groups across the city;
  • Presentations at events and forums across the city;
  • An easy read and audio version made available;
  • Materials distributed to libraries across the city.

You said

In total, 3,189 responses were received and over 5,000 individual comments were analysed. The vast majority of respondents strongly agreed or agreed with the objectives and the approaches of the draft strategy, therefore these will remain in the final draft.

The draft Bristol Transport Strategy sets out approaches that seek to invest in sustainable transport modes and includes transformative measures such as mass transit and the consultation has shown that this approach is widely supported by the public.

We wanted to explore the public’s view on how we seek to fund the measures set out in the draft Bristol Transport Strategy and there appears to be support for road user charging and workplace parking levy, subject to the details of such schemes, which would need to be identified in future studies. Increasing council tax or business rates to fund transport schemes are not well supported and we will reflect this in the final edit.

We did

We have created a report outlining the approach to consultation and the responses received. We are now preparing to take this report, along with the suggested edits to the draft Bristol Transport Strategy as a result of the comments received, up the decision pathway to Cabinet in July 2019 with a view to publish the final Bristol Transport Strategy in the summer.


We all need to get from A to B. Transport plays a big part of all of our daily lives. The draft Bristol Transport Strategy sets out our vision and ambition for transport in the city up to 2036.

You can read the draft Bristol Transport Strategy here.

You can read the summary document here.

We also have easy read versions of the strategy and questionnaire.

Why your views matter

We want to hear your views on transport, any issues you have travelling around the city and your thoughts on proposed solutions.

Please try out our Transport Priority Simulator Tool that allows you to prioritise transport improvements for Bristol and look at funding options to enable improvements to be made: 

We also welcome your views on the draft document, so please also complete the short questionnaire below.

Responses from both the simulator tool and the questionnaire will help to inform the final Bristol Transport Strategy that is due to be adopted by Full Council in 2019.

What happens next

All responses to the simulator tool and the questionnaire will be analysed to help shape the final Bristol Transport Strategy that will be published in 2019.


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