A4018 Improvements Proposals

Closed 17 Mar 2019

Opened 4 Feb 2019

Feedback updated 28 Jun 2019

We asked

Bristol City Council consulted on plans to reduce congestion and improve public transport reliability on the A4018 as part of efforts to mitigate the anticipated increase in traffic caused by the Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood (Filton Airfield) development.

The consultation ran from 4 February and 17 March 2019.

The public were consulted on the following plans:

  1. The conversion of Crow Lane Roundabout into a signalised junction, intended to improve traffic capacity and safety.
  2. Bus lanes along the A4018 between Crow Lane roundabout and Greystoke Avenue junction, intended to give public transport priority and improve reliability.
  3. Full signalisation of Charlton Road junction, including a ‘bus only’ right turn northbound off the A4018.
  4. Full signalisation of Greystoke Avenue Junction, intended to improve safety and traffic capacity.
  5. A series of banned turns both onto and off the A4018 along its length, intended to improve traffic flow and give public transport priority.
  6. A new pedestrian crossing on Passage Road near the southern Shipley Road junction, intended to aid pupils of Westbury Primary.
  7. Measures in Westbury Village, including a bus-gate on the High Street and changes to the one-way system, intended to reduce rat-running through the village centre.
  8. Full signalisation of the Westbury Road-Falcondale Road junction, including banned turns, intended to improve safety.
  9. An upgraded, shared-use walking and cycling path alongside the A4018 on the Downs.

You said

We received almost 3,000 responses to the consultation. In particular, respondents raised concerns regarding the below aspects of the proposals:

  1. The series of banned right turns both onto and off of the A4018 were viewed by respondents as too restrictive for local journeys. This was raised with particular emphasis to the banned right turn to general traffic at Charlton Road, and the banned right turn at Knole Lane.
  2. The measures in Westbury Village, especially the bus-gate restricting general traffic from travelling along High Street, was viewed by residents as too restrictive to local access, businesses, and local life.
  3. Many respondents were not in favour of introducing 24h bus lanes for a variety of reasons, including perceived impact on traffic capacity and current bus provision in the area.

Respondents were largely in favour of some elements of the scheme that support walking and cycling in the area:

  1. The signalisations of Greystoke Avenue junction and Westbury Road-Falcondale Road junction had support from local residents on the grounds of pedestrian and vehicular safety. The proximity of this second junction to several schools was noted as being a key factor.
  2. The pedestrian crossing on Passage Road to enable safer access to Westbury Primary was widely supported by residents as being long overdue, especially in the current absence of a school crossing patrol.
  3. The upgraded shared-use path on the Downs alongside the A4018 received an overall positive view from respondents, who were supportive of giving cyclists a safer alternative to the road on that route.

We did

We analysed all the responses, and re-designed many elements of the proposals in light of the feedback we received. You can see the full report here.

In particular:

  1. All the measures in Westbury Village were removed from the proposals. The project team plan to work closely with ward members, the local MP, and representative groups to develop a community-led approach to mitigate traffic issues in and alongside Westbury Village.
  2. Banned movements along the A4018 were removed from the scheme, with the exception of the Westbury Road-Falcondale Road junction of the A4018 with Downs Road.
  3. Proposed bus lanes will now operate peak hours only instead of 24h, with the sole exception of lanes that add to existing road capacity rather than re-allocate it.

These revised proposals form part of a bid to WECA for the first stage of funding. This recommendation went before Bristol City Council Cabinet on 18 June, and was approved.


The A4018 – known variously as Wyck Beck Road, Passage Road, Falcondale Road, and Westbury Road from north to south – is one of the most important routes into central Bristol.

Because of this, it can be severely congested throughout the day.
Why Are We Proposing Changes?

Over the next few years, a large new development of housing, business, and retail will be built on the former Filton Airfield site. Both local residents and many of the people living and working in the new development will need to travel into and through Bristol on the A4018.

Our traffic modelling has shown that the road will need improvements to tackle the increase in demand and to keep the A4018 flowing to support local residents and businesses. We believe that the best way to do this is a major investment in public transport.

As we are building the proposed infrastructure for the development, we would also like to take the opportunity to enhance the centre of Westbury Village for residents and reduce traffic.
What Changes Are We Proposing?

The plans shown here outline how we propose to achieve these improvements.

We aim to:
  • Make bus journeys into Bristol quicker and more reliable.
  • Ensure that buses are the best way of travelling into Bristol, as well as for shorter trips along the route.
  • Improve the ‘feel’ and environment of the road for local residents and commuters.
  • Encourage walking and cycling trips on the route by making them safer and more convenient.
  • Improve the attractiveness and vitality of Westbury Village, especially as a shopping destination, by removing the rat-running through-traffic and improving the setting and accessibility of the war memorial.

We propose to do this by adding inbound and outbound bus lanes, and by creating new junctions with traffic lights to improve traffic flow. These junctions would make it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross the road. As part of these proposals, we have designed public spaces to improve the character of the road with new trees and green spaces. We also propose that these improvements would be supported by reducing speed limits to 30mph in some areas.

This includes proposed restrictions to the below road movements:

  1. Falcondale Road; ahead only at junction with Henbury Hill and Henbury Road. This change would apply to both northbound and southbound traffic.
  1. Canford Road; left turn only onto Falcondale Road.
  1. Westbury Court Road; left only movement onto Falcondale Road.
  1. Abbey Road; left only movement onto Falcondale Road.
  1. Lampeter Road; left only movement onto Falcondale Road.
  1. Westbury Road; left only movement onto the A4018, Westbury Road.
  1. Downs Road; left turn only onto the A4018, Falcondale Road

You can read the FAQs for this consultation here.

Why your views matter

We want to hear what you think of these proposals.

You can give us your views through the online consultation below.

You can also attend the following open days to speak to us in person:

  • Saturday 9 February 11:15am – 3:45pm
    Westbury Library, Falcondale Road, Westbury, Bristol, BS9 3JZ
  • Monday 11 February 2:15pm – 6:45pm
    Westbury Library, Falcondale Road, Westbury, Bristol, BS9 3JZ
  • Saturday 23 February 11:15am-3:45pm
    Venue changed to Henbury and Brentry Community Centre, Machin Road, BS10 7HG
  • Wednesday 27 February 2:15pm-6:45pm
    Venue changed to Henbury and Brentry Community Centre, Machin Road, BS10 7HG
  • Monday 4 March 2:15pm-6:45pm
    Westbury Methodist church


  • Henbury and Brentry
  • Westbury-on-Trym and Henleaze


  • All residents


  • Traffic and transportation