Consultation on Scheme for Financing Schools

Closed 8 Nov 2021

Opened 5 Oct 2021


1. Local Authorities are required to publish schemes for financing schools setting out the financial relationship between them and the schools they maintain.  Bristol’s current scheme was last updated in May 2017.

2. Changes to the scheme can be initiated by the LA or be directed by the Secretary of State.  Since the last revised scheme, there have been changes in practices initiated by the LA and adopted by schools on financial reporting requirements (among other things) and this needs to be reflected in the local scheme.  There have been a number of directed revisions which should also now be reflected in the local scheme.  The scheme is also required to list all maintained schools to which it applies and as there has been a number of academy conversions, this list also requires updating.

3. Proposed revisions (discretionary) must be subject to consultation with the governing body and head teacher of every maintained school, subject to the scheme, before they are submitted to Schools Forum for approval.

4. Where the Secretary of State (SoS) makes directed revisions to schemes, such revisions become part of the scheme from the date of the direction.

5. We are therefore consulting on changes to Bristol’s Scheme for Financing Schools incorporating the changes outlined above.  The proposed scheme is attached as Annexure A to this consultation document.

6. We have also prepared another document outlining the major changes from the 2017 scheme which is also attached as Annexure B to this consultation document. The changes are shown in tabular form with references to relevant sections of the proposed scheme, the wording of the paragraphs, whether the changes are directed (called Mandated) by SoS or reflecting changes in practices or improvements proposed by BCC (called Discretionary) alongside further commentaries.

7. There are other minor changes that were not itemised in Annexure B.  These relate to either updating references to current legislation/regulation or institutions.  For example, references to Board of Inland Revenue and Contributions Agency are now referred to as HMRC.  So also, is the change of agency from CRB to DBS.  Other examples are changes in wording (e.g. Section 2.9.1 opening phrase is changed from “schools must seek to achieve efficiencies” to “schools must seek effective management of resources…”.)

8. The consultation is open to all maintained schools which are subject to the scheme for financing schools.  The consultation will run from 5th October 2021 until 8th November 2021, following which responses will be analysed for the Schools Forum to consider at its November meeting.  The approval of the forum is required to implement any changes to the Scheme.

9. There is a response questionnaire which can be downloaded, completed and returned (via email) to by 8th November 2021.


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