Library Ideas

Closes 30 Apr 2019

Opened 17 Jan 2019


We want you to tell us about your ideas or suggestions for your library and its building.  We are looking for opportunities for community-led activities and partnerships to create a library service for the future. Ideas could include extending the service and use of buildings while also looking at the wider needs of the local community. These can be small ideas that could be started quickly, as well as  bigger ideas which will make a significant difference to how a library service is provided in the future

You can add details about an idea you have and how you think it might be implemented in the form below.  Please fill in the form as fully as you can.  We can only take a few proposals forward at any one time and preference will be given to ideas which meet the needs of the community and those that demonstrate a good chance of being delivered.   You can submit ideas up until the end of April 2019.  If you have more than one idea you can add another via the link at the end. 

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