Proposal for property licensing schemes in Bedminster, Brislington West and Horfield

Closed 26 May 2021

Opened 17 Mar 2021

Feedback updated 16 Dec 2021

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The consultation on the proposal for property licensing schemes in Bedminster, Brislington West and Horfield was open for 10 weeks from 17 March 2021 until 26 May 2021. Individual responses were received via the survey and additional responses were received from organisations and individuals via email and letter.

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We received 1,409 responses to the consultation, the results of which are available in the Property licensing scheme 2021 consultation report.

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The decsion will be taken at Cabinet on 14 December 2021.

If approved a  public notice will be issued within 7 days of decision and consultees and those affected by the decision will be contacted within two weeks.

Results updated 25 Nov 2021

Please read the Property licensing scheme 2021 consultation report


Bristol City Council is seeking your views on a proposal to introduce additional licensing for houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) and selective licensing for other privately rented properties in some wards of Bristol – Bedminster, Brislington West and Horfield (Additional only).

This is a map of Bristol and its 34 wards with their boundaries. The ward highlighted in blue is Horfield ward which is a proposed area for Additional licensing; in red/ yellow (tbc) is Bedminster ward which is a proposed area for both additional and selective licensing; in red/yellow (tbc)  is Brislington West ward which is a proposed area for both additional and selective licensing; in green are the wards of Eastville and St George West which have an existing Additional and Selective licensing scheme; in orange there are twelve wards which make up the existing additional licensing scheme in Ashley, Bishopston and Ashley Down; Central, Clifton, Clifton Down, Cotham, Easton, Hotwells & Harbourside, Lawrence Hill, Redland, Southville and Windmill Hill wards.

We have already introduced similar schemes in other areas of Bristol which have been very successful– including the Stapleton Road area, Eastville and St George wards and in 12 wards in central Bristol.

This proposed scheme covers two types of property licensing:

  • Additional Licensing will include HMOs – an HMO is a house or flat that is occupied by three or more unrelated people who live together and share some facilities including kitchens or bathrooms
  • Selective Licensing will include private rented properties that are occupied by one or two tenants, or a family, but are not HMOs.

The proposal is that:

  • Horfield ward is an additional licensing area
  • Bedminster is declared a joint additional and selective area
  • Brislington West is declared a joint additional and selective area

Private rented accommodation has been identified as more likely to be in poor condition or have lower standards of management than other properties; therefore we are proposing these tighter measures.

The Housing Act 2004 gives local authorities, the power to declare discretionary licensing areas in the city where there are known problems with the condition and management of privately rented accommodation.

If these licensing schemes were established, owners of most privately rented properties in these wards would need to apply for a licence if they want to continue to let their properties. A fee would be charged for each licence and conditions would have to be met. The council would provide support and advice to landlords and agents to help achieve this, and loans can be provided to assist landlords to meet standards.

Before we can set up a scheme we must consult with those who may be affected by the changes including residents, private landlords, agents and local organisations to find out what they think.

Full details of the proposal can be found in the Proposal Booklet.


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