Hengrove Park Bookends feedback survey

Closed 4 Apr 2021

Opened 2 Mar 2021


Why are we consulting?

Bristol City Council’s Housing Delivery Team are developing planning applications for two sites known as the Hengrove Bookends site. The two sites, called the Hengrove Bookends, are located off Hengrove Boulevard, between the existing multi-storey car parks for Hengrove Leisure Centre and the South Bristol Community Hospital

The Bookends are one of a number of development sites being brought forward by Bristol City Council across the city to help meet the demand for more housing. The sites form part of the wider Hengrove Park masterplan, which was granted outline planning consent in February 2020, and the proposed design will reflect the parameters set out in the masterplan and associated planning documents.

The intention is to submit the planning applications later this year.

Why are we building new affordable homes?

  • high property prices make it difficult to buy and rent in Bristol
  • to increase the supply of affordable housing in Bristol

What do we want to build here?

The Council’s appointed design and planning team is currently working up proposals for two new buildings which will provide 53 apartments, 4,990 sq.m of office space and 1,400 sq.m of flexible commercial space either side of the newly landscaped Boulevard. We will submit a full planning application for 53 affordable housing apartments which will be a mix of ‘Social Rent’ and ‘Shared Ownership’ homes. 

Building E1 will be for office use with retail space/community uses at ground floor, whilst E2 will be for residential use with retail/community uses at ground floor level. 

The scheme includes proposals for improving the public area including new landscaping, a new dedicated cycle lane and arrangements for parking and deliveries.

Site aerial view

Aerial view of Hengrove Bookends site

What happens next?

  • your feedback will be consolidated and reviewed alongside feedback from other local residents and stakeholders.
  • the feedback received will be considered and submitted with the planning applications later this year.
  • we will ensure residents are updated on progress, and information will also be available on the city council’s housing web pages.


  • Hengrove and Whitchurch Park


  • All residents


  • Housing