Dovercourt Housing Proposals Consultation

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Closes 30 Sep 2021

Summary of proposal

Introducing Dovercourt housing proposals consultation

We are consulting on proposals for a residential development on the Dovercourt Depot site in the residential area of Lockleaze, off Dovercourt Road. The proposals are at Outline Planning stage.

This is the second round of public consultation, following public consultation from 16 March and 16 April 2021 and further targeted discussions with planners and other key stakeholders. The next section, You Said, we did, shows feedback we received and how we have responded to this.

The photo below shows the current site, with more included in the next section on Information about the site.

Following this is Introducing the Outline Proposals, where we seek your feedback. The illustrative proposals show 141 high quality homes with a mix of housing tenures including affordable housing – a minimum of 30% with an aspiration of 50% including Council homes.

Then we present our proposals and ask your feedback on tree planting and open space and Transport and Access Proposals. This includes proposals for an alternative emergency access that avoids the need to construct across the open space (previously considered but no longer promoted).

About you is asking for information to help us evaluate feedback and ensure we are reaching the diverse local community.

All sections and questions of this consultation are optional. However, for your response to count, you must submit your feedback in the Almost Done… section. Once submitted, the Response submitted section explains the project timeline and what happens next with these housing proposals.

Figure 1: Existing Site Plan

Why is this site being proposed for housing?

We believe this underutilised brownfield site can be put to better use. Located within a residential area and well connected to local services,  we believe it is well suited for a development of high quality homes. 

Our aspirations are that

  • Half of the homes to be affordable, which exceeds the minimum 30% policy requirement
  • The site should improve the health and wellbeing for both new and existing local people by being opened up to so everyone can enjoy improved public open spaces and natural play facilities, and providing a route through to a footpath that runs across the railway bridge
  • Embed environmental standards over and above policy requirements – to reduce energy and water use by adopting RIBA 2030 Climate Change Targets in line with the declared Climate Emergency and Goram Homes’ business plan.
  • Respond to the ecological emergency by protecting and enhancing existing habitats, and creating new ones both at ground level and via green roofs. This will be calculated and demonstrated in a Biodiversity Net Gain assessment as part of our planning submission.

The images below show how the site currently looks, and how this could be transformed.

Figure 2: showing photos of current site and illustrations of how this could look if developed. 

First photo is from north of site looking at conifers towards existing homes on Dovercourt Road; second photo is south of site looking at likely contaminated mounds with woodland behind.