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  • Western Harbour

    Background Bristol City Council is asking for feedback on changes to the road network in the Western Harbour area, which could create a new city quarter, including new homes, shops and green space. Please note we are asking for early feedback on initial ideas, this is... More
    Opened 19 August 2019
  • Ashton Vale Area Parking Restrictions

    Bristol City Council’s Road Safety and Local Engineering team propose the implementation of new parking restrictions (double yellow lines) in the Ashton Vale area, in order to ease access for large vehicles such as fire engines, bin lorries and HGVs. Please refer to the... More
    Opened 17 August 2019
  • Zetland Road/Redland Road/South Road - Mini Roundabout Improvement

    Bristol City Council has allocated funding for the improvement of road safety – with emphasis on the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, at the mini roundabout which forms the junction between Zetland Road, Redland Road and South Road. The scheme aims to make the area safer for... More
    Opened 27 July 2019
  • Wapping Road - Parking Restrictions

    Bristol City Council has allocated funding to the alleviation of congestion issues related to the recent construction of the new cycleway on the West side of Wapping Road. The scheme aims to prevent the obstruction of two way traffic on Wapping Road by the presence of parked vehicles... More
    Opened 27 July 2019
  • Elmlea Avenue Area - Parking Restrictions

    Funding has been allocated to a review of parking restrictions around Elmlea Avenue and Parry's Lane. This scheme affects both the Stoke Bishop and Westbury-on-Trym and Henleaze wards. The scheme aims to improve access to residential streets and properties, reduce queues of... More
    Opened 25 July 2019
  • Enabling Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector Support

    The council is seeking views from citizens and organisations on the council's proposed principles and priorities of the Enabling VCSE support grant. If you are responding on behalf of an organisation, the council would like to hear about what your organisation needs are in terms of support... More
    Opened 19 July 2019
  • Marksbury Road Library Consultation – proposed name change to Malago Vale Library

    Following a request from the Friends of Marksbury Road Library, we are considering changing the library name to Malago Vale Library. More
    Opened 12 July 2019
  • Consultation on Traffic Clean Air Zone options

    Pollution can make the air we breathe bad for our health. Air pollution has been a problem in Bristol and many UK cities for a long time. The most concerning pollutants within Bristol are nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ) and very small particulates. These pollutants are... More
    Opened 1 July 2019
  • Polling Districts and Polling Places Review 2019

    The Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 requires the Returning Officer to decide how many polling stations are required for each polling place and they must allocate electors to the polling stations in such manner as they think most convenient. The Returning Officer... More
    Opened 1 July 2019
  • Proposed new restrictions on permitted development (Article 4 Directions)

    The areas the proposed new restrictions cover, what restrictions are proposed, how you can comment. New restrictions on permitted development, known as Article 4 Directions, have been made for Avonmouth Village and parts of North, East and South Bristol. If the new Article 4... More
    Opened 28 June 2019
  • Social housing broadband survey

    New ultrafast broadband options are being piloted in our council housing starting in the summer of 2019. We are learning lessons from this pilot as we prepare for new full fibre networks serving our council housing, expected in 2020. The introduction of new networks will also deliver better... More
    Opened 1 June 2019
  • Parks’ sports (bowls, cricket and football) facilities consultation

    The Bristol Playing Pitch Strategy identified that Bristol has a large number of poor grass pitches and that a significant number of these are in council ownership. These pitches are supported by an ageing stock of changing rooms/ pavilions. The council currently offers bowls,... More
    Opened 28 May 2019
  • Bristol Citizens' Panel survey - Being a member of Citizens' Panel

    A survey asking panel members about the experience of being part of Bristol's Citizens' Panel. This was conducted with members of the Bristol Citizens' Panel between May and June of 2019. More
    Opened 16 May 2019
  • Bristol Citizens' Panel survey - Your Physical Activity

    A survey asking about the physical activity undertaken like sport and other types of exercise. There are no right or wrong answers; we want to know about your experience, behaviour and opinions. This was conducted with members of the Bristol Citizens' Panel only. More
    Opened 16 May 2019
  • Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2019-24

    There is a legal requirement for Local Authorities to have a five year homelessness and rough sleeping strategy that sets out information about: The scale and causes of homelessness and rough sleeping in their city How they will prevent and tackle homelessness and rough sleeping. ... More
    Opened 9 April 2019
  • Bristol City Council Public Health Commissioning Intentions 2019 to 2021

    Bristol City Council is responsible for the funding and management of Public Health in Bristol. The Public Health funding given to local authorities by central government has reduced by an estimated £700m in recent years. Bristol Public Health has reduced its spending by 17.5% since 2015.... More
    Opened 21 March 2019
  • Bristol Local Plan Review Draft Policies and Development Allocations Consultation

    The Bristol Local Plan Review will update existing policies for deciding planning applications, guiding development in the city over the next twenty years, building a better Bristol. The reviewed Local Plan will help deliver the new homes and jobs we need, shape our city for the future and... More
    Opened 18 March 2019
  • 'Help when you need it' for adults with support needs - a commissioning plan

    ‘Help when people need it’ services are short term support that people can access quickly to help them get back on their feet after a difficulty. The help that they get is intended to help people stay independent where they live and prevent them from needing longer term care and/or support. It... More
    Opened 12 March 2019
  • Clifton Lido Cycle Stands, Clifton

    As part of the Bristol City Council’s long-term commitment to improving infrastructure for sustainable transport, the council proposes to provide 6 Sheffield cycle stands on a footway build out with drainage channel on Southleigh Road Clifton. This scheme was initially proposed by... More
    Opened 11 March 2019
  • School Term Dates 2020/2021

    This consultation includes the proposed dates for the 2020/21 school year. Term 1: Tuesday 1st September 2020 to Friday 23rd October 2020 (39 School Days) Term 2: Monday 2nd November 2020 to Friday 18th December 2020 (35 School Days) Term 3: Monday 4th January... More
    Opened 28 February 2019
  • Transport improvements on Muller Road

    Muller Road is a busy transport route between Horfield, Lockleaze and Eastville. It is an important bus route and is also used by large numbers of pedestrians and cyclists, including school children. More than 1,000 houses are planned in Lockleaze in the next few years, and Muller Road is... More
    Opened 25 February 2019
  • Future Temple Quarter: your say

    This survey seeks to gather view from local residents on what the future Temple Quarter should look like. Responses will be passed to the masterplanning team to take into account when producing early draft plans for the area. More
    Opened 20 February 2019
  • A4018 Improvements Proposals

    The A4018 – known variously as Wyck Beck Road, Passage Road, Falcondale Road, and Westbury Road from north to south – is one of the most important routes into central Bristol. Because of this, it can be severely congested throughout the day. Why Are We Proposing... More
    Opened 4 February 2019
  • Consultation on proposed amendment to Bristol City Council Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulation 123 List

    The purpose of the consultation is to seek views on a proposed amendment to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulation 123 List. Items on this List may benefit from funding secured via CIL. The proposed amendment would mean that the Council could not seek planning obligations for the... More
    Opened 25 January 2019
  • Library Ideas

    We want you to tell us about your ideas or suggestions for your library and its building. We are looking for opportunities for community-led activities and partnerships to create a library service for the future. Ideas could include extending the service and use of buildings while... More
    Opened 17 January 2019
  • Consultation on Central Library opening hours

    People are being asked to consider whether they would like to see Bristol’s Central Library return to opening seven days a week. The library service is running a short consultation to gather people’s views on whether they would like to see an increase to the current opening hours.... More
    Opened 2 January 2019
  • Lyppiatt Road – Footway Improvement Scheme

    Due to obstructive footway parking, improvements to pedestrian access at the southern end of Lyppiatt Road are proposed (see associated drawing). The western footway is proposed to be widened to a width that will allow bollards and cycle parking to be installed, this will stop the... More
    Opened 12 December 2018
  • Cotham School Crossing Improvements 2018

    Cotham School as part of its school expansion planning application has funding to improve crossing facilities at the junction of Archfield Road/Pitch Lane/Cotham Grove. More
    Opened 7 December 2018
  • St Bede’s Catholic College Parking Restrictions and Crossing Improvements

    St Bede’s Catholic College as part of its school expansion planning application has funding for waiting restrictions (double yellow lines etc) at junctions, resident driveways and school access points to prevent obstructive parking. There is also funding available to provide informal crossing... More
    Opened 7 December 2018
  • Application for re-designation of Old Market Community Association as the Neighbourhood (Planning) Forum for the Old Market Neighbourhood Planning Area

    Community groups can apply for the designation of a Neighbourhood (Planning) Area and apply to be designated as the Neighbourhood (Planning) Forum for that area. A designated Neighbourhood (Planning) Forum will then be able to prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan or Neighbourhood... More
    Opened 7 December 2018
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