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  • Colston Hall Transformation project

    Colston Hall is the South West’s biggest concert venue but is no longer fit for purpose for audiences or performers. This project will complete the transformation of Colston Hall and create one of the best arts and learning facilities in the country. The £48.8m project involves remodelling... More
    Closed 4 days ago
  • Parks Byelaws

    The Council is now moving on the next stage of adopting a new set of parks byelaws. The 24 proposed byelaws focus on ensuring everyone can continue to use the city’s parks and green spaces responsibly, considerately and safely. They will also give the council and its partners scope to tackle... More
    Closed 1 week ago
  • Stoke Park - Future Plans

    We are consulting on a long term plan for Stoke Park, a Grade II registered historic park, which aims to find a balance between protecting its important historic and ecological features, such as the World War 2 anti- aircraft gun battery, as well ensuring we provide a range of opportunities for... More
    Closed 1 week ago
  • St John’s Lane and Wedmore Vale consultation – Cycling Ambition

    Bristol City Council has been awarded funding for new walking and cycling routes in the city. As part of this, there is a new route from Hengrove to the City Centre via Filwood. Residents and businesses are invited to review proposals for the St John’s Lane and Wedmore Vale sections of the... More
    Closed 1 week ago
  • Jacobs Wells Road – Zebra Crossing

    The aim of the scheme is to upgrade the existing refuge island, which is not currently fit for purpose, and is not considered a safe place for pedestrians. We are proposing to replace the existing island with a zebra crossing, and by doing so, it will provide easier and safer access to and from... More
    Closed 2 weeks ago
  • Better Parks and Open Spaces in Henbury & Brentry

    We are consulting on the key improvements which local people want to see in their parks and open spaces within Henbury and Brentry. The Neighbourhood Partnership has approx. £80,000 to spend and this will be spent to deliver the main priorities which come from this survey. The consultation will... More
    Opened 2 weeks ago
  • Southmead Quietway – Cairns Road Crossing

    Bristol has been awarded additional funding from the Department for Transport to upgrade and extend walking and cycling routes across the city. One of these routes is the Southmead Quietway. We are working to make this route a quiet, safe and enjoyable route to get people to work or play all... More
    Opened 2 weeks ago
  • Early Years National Funding Formula (EYNFF) and 30 Hours Free Childcare - Provider Consultation

    Early Years National Funding Formula (EYNFF) and 30 Hours Free Childcare - Provider Consultation to ask about spending of Dedicated Schools Grant funding (public money) and ask sufficiency questions about 30 Hours Free Childcare. Childcare Works are offering Learn, Explore, Debate (LED)... More
    Opened 3 weeks ago
  • Preventing Homelessness Accommodation Pathways

    This draft plan has been prepared for a formal consultation exercise about our proposals related to accommodation services to protect people from homelessness now and in the future. We are keen to get views on these proposals from people who have used homelessness services, providers of... More
    Closed 3 weeks ago
  • Targeted Youth Services Commissioning Plan Consultation

    We have produced a draft commissioning plan about how the council will provide Targeted Youth Support for Children & Young People in Bristol. More
    Opened 1 month ago
  • Upton Road, Southville - Experimental Traffic Order for Road Closure (CAE/NMT/EP-1031)

    The Council has decided to close Upton Road to through traffic on a trial basis, by using an Experimental Traffic Order to prohibit the driving of motor vehicles within a section of Upton Road approximately mid‐way along its length. For full details and to comment, visit the link below. More
    Opened 1 month ago
  • Gloucester Road Conservation Area Draft Character Appraisal

    The statutory definition of a Conservation Area is “an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character and appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance” (Planning (Listed Building and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, s.69(1)). Adopted Conservation Area Character... More
    Opened 1 month ago
  • Review of dementia care services

    Redfield Lodge is a council owned and run 40 bed residential dementia care home in the east of the city. 38 of the beds are permanent, one is for emergency respite and one is for planned respite. The care home has been overspent for the last three years and this year alone it amounts to... More
    Opened 1 month ago
  • Bristol’s Big Drink Debate

    The Big Alcohol Debate takes place in Bristol from Monday 14 th November 2016 to Monday 30 th January 2016. We hope to hold a conversation with people in Bristol to gauge their attitudes to alcohol in the city and to raise awareness about alcohol issues. More
    Closed 1 month ago
  • Chester Park school expansion

    This report has been prepared on behalf of Bristol City Council. It details a process of engagement undertaken with local residents and parents and staff of Chester Park School located in the Fishponds area of Bristol. The focus of this exercise has been the local street layout and proposed... More
    Closed 1 month ago
  • Whitehall school expansion

    This consultation details a process of the engagement undertaken with local residents, parents and staff at both Whitehall Junior School and the Limes Nursery, located in the Whitehall area of Bristol. The focus of this exercise has been the local street layout and proposed changes brought... More
    Closed 1 month ago
  • Recommissioning ROADS Substance misuse treatment services

    We are commissioning a wide range of treatment and support for people affected by drugs/alcohol use in Bristol under the Recovery Orientated Alcohol and Drugs Service (ROADS) banner. We have set up a series of consultation events to discuss plans with stakeholders in more detail. North... More
    Opened 1 month ago
  • Proposed Changes to School Keep Clears at May Park Primary School

    We are consulting on the proposed introduction of two new School Keep Clears outside May Park Primary School. The proposals are to introduce one length of SKC at the junction of East Park and Freeland Buildings. The second is to be outside the school entrance at the corner of Coombe Road/ East... More
    Closed 1 month ago
  • Proposed reintroduction of School Keep Clears on Headley Park Lane

    We are consulting on the proposed reintroduction of School Keep Clears on Headley Park Avenue at the junction of Headley Lane. These are to be reintroduced because of vehicles parking too close to the junction as to make it difficult for children and parents to see or be seen by approaching... More
    Closed 1 month ago
  • Proposed Mandatory School Keep Clears and Parking Restrictions at St. Bonaventure’s Primary

    We are consulting on the Mandatory School Keep Clears and additional Double Yellow Lines at St. Bonaventure’s Primary School. The proposals are expected to make a safer environment outside the school entrance and at the junction between Friary Road and Egerton Road. More
    Closed 1 month ago
  • Sugar Smart survey

    Over the next two years the council will be working with the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation as well as partners from different sectors across the city to become more Sugar Smart. Work will be taking place in schools, workplaces, and with our restaurants and takeaways to look at the small changes... More
    Opened 2 months ago
  • School Admission Arrangements 2018/19

    Bristol City Council is responsible for setting the admission arrangements for all Community and Voluntary Controlled schools in the city. This consultation includes the proposed new intake oversubscription criteria and co-ordinated admission schemes for the 2018/19 school year. Also included... More
    Closed 2 months ago
  • West of England Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) and Joint Transport Study

    The four West of England Councils would like your involvement in the next steps of the plan which will help steer development in our area over the next 20 years to 2036. Last year we held consultation process to gain people’s thoughts and ideas to help set the approach and priorities for the... More
    Closed 2 months ago
  • Avonmouth Way Parking Review

    A parking review of Avonmouth Way and the surrounding area has been requested following complaints from local businesses about access issues and congestion caused by parked vehicles. These proposals aim to address these issues through the introduction of double yellow lines which will help... More
    Closed 2 months ago
  • Prioritising victims of domestic abuse – Home Choice draft policy

    The draft proposal sets out a change to how Bristol City Council prioritises victims of Domestic Abuse through Home Choice Bristol. Within the context of increasing demand for affordable rented properties our focus is to help those who are most at risk to move quickly. We will prioritise high risk... More
    Closed 2 months ago
  • Corporate Strategy 2017 – 2022

    The consultation is now closed. We asked for your views on the Corporate Strategy for 2017 to 2022. We consulted about: Our Bold Ideas to meet the key challenges of the future A suggested increase of 1.95% per year in Council Tax An additional 2% on... More
    Closed 2 months ago
  • Parental Survey on the Free Early Education Entitlement

    As outlined in The Childcare Bill, the extended free childcare entitlement for working parents of three- and four-year-olds will provide eligible parents with a total of 30 hours of free childcare per week, over 38 weeks or the equivalent number of hours across more weeks per year. More
    Closed 2 months ago
  • Broom Hill Blackberry Hill Improvements

    This is a consultation for proposed pedestrian and cycle infrastructure improvement scheme on Broom Hill and Blackberry Hill. The improvement seeks to improve existing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists by widening the existing east footway and shared use path. Crossing facilities will also... More
    Closed 2 months ago
  • Windmill Hill local traffic scheme

    This is a combined consultation for two proposed highway improvements schemes in the Windmill Hill area. The Cotswold Road North, Windmill Hill and Fraser Street junction improvement seeks to improve crossing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. The Windmill Hill local traffic scheme seeks to... More
    Closed 2 months ago
  • Driverless Vehicles Survey

    This survey is about ‘Driverless Vehicles’ (DVs). There are some vehicles with limited self-driving technologies already on the roads. It is likely that we will see the first generation of fully-Driverless Vehicles by 2030. This survey will ask you a number of questions about Driverless... More
    Closed 3 months ago
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