Bristol Citizens' Panel survey - Travelwest

Closed 7 May 2014

Opened 9 Apr 2014

Feedback expected 6 Jun 2014

Results updated 17 Oct 2019

This survey was conducted with members of the Bristol Citizens' Panel and the results are shown in the files listed below.

●   Almost all of the Citizens’ Panel (95%) have access to a car or van.  42% of respondents have access to a bicycle.
●   For over half of the respondents, the main way they travel around Bristol is by car.  47% driving and 5% as a passenger.
●   20% of respondents walk as their main mode of transport.  16% use the Bus and 8% cycle.
●   In total, 45% of the panel use sustainable transport methods as the main way they travel around Bristol.
●   The main source of information people use to plan journeys around Bristol and the west are travel websites on a computer (57%).
37% use printed bus timetables.  A third of respondents plan their journeys using information from friends and family (word of mouth) and a similar proportion use travel websites on their mobile phone or tablet. 
●   When asked what other services people use to plan their journeys, many people said maps, google maps sat-nav, radio and local knowledge or no planning.
●   Most respondents (74%) have not heard of the travel west website.  26% have heard of it, and 141 respondents had used it (15% of total respondents and 63% of those who had heard of it).  The main reason people had used the travel west website was for Bus times.
●   Of those who had used the travel west website, 60% were satisfied with it.  30% were dissatisfied with it.




The Local Sustainable Transport Team which works across the four West of England Councils have developed the travel information website to help residents and visitors to Bristol and the West plan their journeys across the region, and make informed choices about the modes of travel available.

Why your views matter

We are interested to know about the modes of transport you use, and how you plan your journeys in order to help improve the Travelwest website.


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