Bristol Citizens' Panel survey - Pharmaceutical needs

Closed 7 May 2014

Opened 9 Apr 2014

Feedback expected 6 Jun 2014

Results updated 17 Oct 2019

This survey was conducted with members of the Bristol Citizens' Panel and the results are shown in the files listed below.

●   The majority of respondents (82%) were satisfied with their local community pharmacy

●   Most respondents (93%) have not used online pharmacies, and over half (55%) would not consider using one.  45% would consider using an online pharmacy. 

●   The most important factors in using your local pharmacy to have were: 
      Medication in stock (98% thought this important)
      Close to home (91%)
      Length of wait for service  (89%)
      Weekend opening hours (88%)
      Evening opening hours (78%)
      Close to GP (77%)
      Free parking nearby (67%)
      Adequate waiting area e.g. enough seating, space for wheelchairs & prams (65%)

●   Less important factors were:
      Home delivery (41%)
      Close to work (34%)
      Close to the shopping centre (34%)

●   The most important services to have available at your local community pharmacy were:
      Advice on medicines prescribed to you by a doctor (85% felt this important)
      Advice on minor illnesses or injuries (85%)
      Your prescriptions collected from your GP and made up ready for you to collect from the pharmacy (74%)
      Private consultation room available (64%)
      Advice on managing long term illnesses (59%)
      Health tests e.g. cholesterol (58%)

●   Slightly less important services were:
      Advice on being healthy e.g. stopping smoking, achieving a healthy weight (46%)
      Sexual health services e.g. emergency contraception, chlamydia tests (45%)
      Flu vaccination (45%)
      Your prescriptions delivered directly to your home (37%)




Bristol Health and Wellbeing Board has a duty to conduct a pharmaceutical needs assessment. This aims to identify gaps in local pharmacy services that you need.

Why your views matter

Responses to the Citizens' Panel survey will be used to plan pharmacy services for the future and to draft a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment Plan which will be subject to public consultation in Autumn. NHS England will use the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment to inform the commissioning of local pharmacy services.


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