Bristol Citizens' Panel survey - Mayor's Homes Commission

Closed 7 May 2014

Opened 9 Apr 2014

Feedback expected 6 Jun 2014

Results updated 17 Oct 2019

This survey was conducted with members of the Bristol Citizens' Panel and the results are shown in the files listed below.

4 of the proposals received more agreement than disagreement, with half of the panel or more slightly agreeing or strongly agreeing.
These were:
●   64% agree that the Council should consider moving control of some of its council housing to another organisation if this enables them to borrow more money to build new homes (20% disagree).
●   55% of respondents agree that it is more important to maximise the number of affordable homes, even if this causes a long delay to when the homes are provided (29% disagree)
●   50% agree that it is more important for housebuilders to provide affordable homes, than other community benefits (38% disagree)
●   50% agree that the Council should use the Government’s standards for energy conservation and design, rather than impose higher standards, to reduce costs so that more affordable houses can be built (37% disagree)

Fewer agreed with the following proposals:
●   37% agree that the Council should prioritise new affordable homes through the sale of its own land, even if that means less money is raised for other projects (45% disagree)
●   30% think the Council should charge higher rents to new tenants so that more money is raised to build more new affordable homes.  (53% disagree)




The Mayor established the Homes Commission in May 2013 to bring together a panel of experts to identify solutions that will help to improve the supply of affordable housing in the short, medium and longer term. Provision of sufficient housing is a nationwide issue but creative solutions are needed for Bristol in view of the relatively expensive property prices and the tight geographical boundary.

Why your views matter

The Commission members will shortly be preparing their recommendations for consideration by the Mayor, but before doing so would like to gauge public opinion on key issues.


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