Bristol Citizens' Panel survey - Flood Risk Management Strategy

Closed 7 May 2014

Opened 9 Apr 2014

Feedback expected 6 Jun 2014

Results updated 17 Oct 2019

This survey was conducted with members of the Bristol Citizens' Panel and the results are shown in the files listed below.

●   The majority of respondents, 82%, thought it was clear which Risk Management Authority was responsible for different sources of flooding.
●   59% of respondents think that the right actions have been chosen to engage with local residents.  A further 35% think the right actions have been chosen with some exceptions.
●   A third of respondents are not concerned about flooding in Bristol.
●   Around one third or more of respondents are concerned about all the sources of flooding listed.
●   The main source of flooding people are concerned about is surface water flooding from rainfall, 45% are concerned about this.  Respondents were slightly less concerned about tidal flooding from the Severn Estuary or River Avon (31%)
●   When asked what other sources of flooding people were concerned about, the main comments were about lack of drainage from blocked drains and gutters and impermeable driveways. 
●   As a result of flooding, people are most concerned about disruption to travel plans (64%) and Climate change and increasing rainfall (58%).  Over half, 53%, are concerned about damage to natural habitat.  43% are concerned about damage to their own home. 
●   When asked what they were concerned about as a result of flooding, the main ‘other’ comments were about concern for other people affected even if respondents did not think they would be affected themselves. 
●   When asked if people had other comments about the flood risk strategy, the main comments were about Drainage – these comments included clearing gutters and drains and comments about non-porous driveways (29 comments), Provide more information about flood risk and flood risk management, including information for people when purchasing properties (20).  12 people commented that there had been a good response to recent problems.   6 people commented on river barrages, dredging, building on the flood plain and that it was a good strategy.  5 people commented on community engagement – including suggesting different types of community engagement and publicity.




Bristol is one of the top 10 cities in the country at risk from flooding. From the tidal River Avon to flooding from heavy rainfall, it is a threat to many people and places in and around the city. As the designated Lead Local Flood Authority for Bristol, Bristol City Council must produce and maintain a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy which sets out our vision and action plan for managing flood risks and how we will seek to work with the community and our partner Risk Management Authorities.

Why your views matter

We are asking the Citizens' Panel for feedback on the draft strategy and how we intend to engage with local communities in affected areas.  There is a public consultation running alongside this that everyone can take part in which closes on 10th June and can be found at


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