Rough Sleeping Encampments Consultation

Closed 26 Aug 2018

Opened 29 Jun 2018

Feedback updated 19 Feb 2019

We asked

We proposed an improved approach to rough sleeping encampments in light of the growing number of encampments in the city.

You said

545 responses were received to the Rough Sleeping Encampments consultation via the online and paper-based surveys, including alternative formats and face-to-face interviews.

Of the 545 people who responded to the Rough Sleeping Encampments consultation, 309 (58%) agreed or strongly agreed, 18% neither agreed nor disagreed, with 24% disagreeing or strongly disagreeing that the draft policy balances the needs of people sleeping rough in encampments with the needs of other members of the community. 214 (39%) respondents made comments or suggestions about the draft policy on rough Sleeping Encampments.

We did

We made key changes to the policy including:

  • Tightening of the language used in the policy to ensure that the policy balances the needs of all communities
  • Inclusion of more explanation and definitions of terms
  • Policy aims have been revised and clarified in line with consultation responses

The policy will be going to Cabinet for approval later in the year.

Results updated 25 Oct 2018



Bristol City Council is consulting on its approach to rough sleeping encampments.

We are proposing an improved approach to rough sleeping encampments in light of the growing number of encampments in the city.

We are providing one main drop-in session at City Hall for anyone interested in the issues of people rough sleeping and people living in vehicles. It will be held on Wednesday 1 August 6.30pm-8pm.

There will also be specific drop-in opportunities for people sleeping rough or at risk of rough sleeping to come and talk about the approach the council is proposing to take.

  • The Compass Centre, 1 Jamaica St. BS2 8JP: Wednesday July 18, 2-5pm.
  • The Compass Centre: Tuesday July 24, 5-7pm.
  • The Compass Centre: Monday July 30, 12-3pm.
  • The Wild Goose, 32 Stapleton Road BS5 0QY: Thursday 26 July, 1.30-3.30pm

Why we are consulting

We are consulting because we believe that sleeping on the streets is not safe and our aim is to help people off the street and support them into more permanent accommodation.

In addition we need to ensure that our public spaces are available to everyone.

What happens next

Feedback from the consultation will be used in conjunction with other considerations to review and revise the draft policy where relevant.  This will then go to Cabinet for approval.


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