Shirehampton Road Crossing (Stoke Lodge)

Closed 26 Aug 2015

Opened 28 Jul 2015

Results Updated 29 Sep 2015

26 responses were received.

  • 18 fully supported the need for a crossing at the proposed location
  • 2 supported the need for a crossing but felt it should be nearer to Queens Gate
  • 1 supported the need for acrossing but felt it should be nearer to Cedar Park
  • 4 were against the need for a crossing
  • 1 requesting more trees to be installed

Whilst it appears that the original proposal was supported by the majority, further discussions have suggested that a location closer to Queens Gate may address all of the concerns raised and still achieve the original aims.

A further online consultation will take place to determine the best location for the zebra crossing.



The Henleaze, Stoke Bishop and Westbury-on-Trym Neighbourhood Partnership have selected a scheme to introduce a pedestrian crossing close to the entrance of Stoke Lodge and to improve pedestrian facilities at the mini roundabout with Shirehampton Road and Druid Hill.

We are proposing to install a zebra crossing on Shirehampton Road west of the entrance to Stoke Lodge. This will provide a crossing for anyone wishing to access Stoke Lodge and the new playground, including the children from Stoke Bishop Primary School.

At the mini roundabout, we are proposing to install a larger pedestrian refuge island on the Druid Hill approach, install tactile paving at all the crossings and alter the kerbline on the eastern side.

Why We Are Consulting

This consultation offers the opportunity for local residents to comment on the proposals and help shape the final design.



  • All residents


  • Traffic and transportation