Satchfield Close parking improvements

Closed 25 Jan 2013

Opened 21 Dec 2012

Feedback expected 25 Feb 2013

Results Updated 1 Mar 2013

The public consultation ended on 25th January 2013. There was support for the proposed scheme at several public meetings and no objectors.

A detailed design is subsequently being produced for implementation in the next few months.


On 20th March 2012 Henbury & Southmead Neighbourhood Partnership prioritised a scheme to improve parking in Satchfield Close, which is a narrow street, by creating a parking lay-by in the verge area.

Why We Are Consulting

This consultation offers the opportunity to comment on the proposed parking improvements, and highlight any other related issues that haven’t been addressed and might be resolved through implementing this scheme.

What Happens Next

Any suggested amendments will be considered and incorporated into the scheme design if appropriate.



  • All residents
  • Community & Voluntary organisations


  • Traffic and transportation
  • Parks and green spaces