Proposed Traffic Regulation Order for bus lanes Cheltenham Road, Ashley and Cotham

Closed 1 Apr 2011

Opened 10 Mar 2011

Results updated 18 Apr 2011

Two objections have been received.  A report has been prepared which explains the background to the proposals and sets out the objectors' concerns, together with officers' responses and recommendations.  The draft report has been sent to the councillors for the affected wards, who have been invited to submit their own comments for inclusion.  The councillors have been asked to respond by early-May.  After that, the report will be finalised and submitted to Transport Service managers for approval, prior to its being sent to the Strategic Director City Development, who will consider the report in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Strategic Transport, Waste and Targeted Improvement, before he decides on the action to be taken.


Proposal for a Traffic Regulation Order for inbound and outbound bus lanes at Cheltenham Road.

Why your views matter

It is a legal requirement that a local authority must give public notice before introducing a Traffic Regulation Order.  The City Council fulfils this obligation by publishing a statutory notice in the Bristol Evening Post.  It also posts copies of the notice on streetlights in the vicinity of the proposal.  The notice informs the public where further information can be viewed (including this web page) and also contains advice for anyone who wishes to object to the proposal.



  • Ashley
  • Horfield


  • All residents


  • Planning
  • Traffic and transportation