Proposed Traffic Regulation Order for bus lane, Quay Street

Closed 1 Apr 2011

Opened 10 Mar 2011

Results updated 16 Oct 2012

It was decided that solo motorcycles should continue to use the Quay St bus lane and the proposal was abandoned.


Proposal for a Traffic Regulation Order to change the operating conditions of the existing bus lane at Quay Street.  If the Order is introduced, motorcyclists will no longer be permitted to use the bus lane.

Why your views matter

It is a legal requirement that a local authority must give public notice before introducing a Traffic Regulation Order.  The City Council publishes a notice in the Bristol Evening Post and posts copies of the notice on site in the vicinity of the proposal.  The notice informs the public where further information can be viewed (including this web page) and also contains advice for anyone who wishes to object to the proposal.

What happens next

If no objections are received, a further notice will be published in the Bristol Evening Post stating when the Order is to come into operation.  If objections are received, they will be taken into consideration when it is decided what further action is to be taken.  Objectors will be informed of the outcome.


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