Proposed pedestrian crossings - Ashley Down Road and Downend Road

Closed 15 Mar 2011

Opened 23 Feb 2011

Results updated 18 Apr 2011

No objections were received during the notice period and the crossings are now being progressed for construction around the end of April.


This web page provides information about proposals for the introduction of:

• a traffic signal controlled puffin pedestrian crossing at Ashley Down Road, between its junctions with Downend Road and Brynland Avenue; and

• a zebra pedestrian crossing at Downend Road, between its junctions with Selborne Road and Purdown Road.

Why your views matter

It is a legal requirement that a local authority must give public notice before introducing a pedestrian crossing.  The City Council fulfils this obligation by attaching copies of the statutory notice to streetlights in the vicinity of the proposed crossing.  The notice informs the public where further information can be viewed (including this web page) and also contains advice for anyone who wishes to object to the proposal.


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