Novers Hill Feasibility of Reducing Traffic

Closed 11 Feb 2011

Opened 21 Jan 2011

Results updated 13 May 2011

We received 77 responses to our questionnaire, which is a 16% return.

41 residents were in favour of a one-way system (53%).
33 residents were against a one-way system (43%).
3 residents were unsure (4%).

Of the 41 residents who were in favour of a one-way system, 56% wanted it to operate uphill, and 44% wanted it to operate downhill. We also received four requests that any one-way system should incorporate a contra-flow cycle lane.

As expected, the issue that was raised in the majority of responses was the lack of a formal pedestrian footpath along Novers Hill. Suggestions included cutting back the verges to provide width for a footpath, traffic calming to slow vehicles, or actually blocking Novers Hill to through traffic. Other issues that were raised included speeding vehicles, and the contravention of the 7.5T weight restriction.


Filwood, Knowle & Windmill Hill Neighbourhood Partnership has asked us to investigate whether it might be possible to reduce the volume of traffic that uses Novers Hill, to make it safer and easier for pedestrians to use the road.

Why your views matter

The purpose of this questionnaire is to seek the views of local residents and businesses on the possibility of making Novers Hill one-way, and also to find out what other concerns they might have regarding the traffic situation in the road.

What happens next

The information received will be used when we report back to Filwood, Knowle & Windmill Hill Neighbourhood Partnership.


  • Filwood


  • All residents
  • Business
  • Community & Voluntary organisations


  • Traffic and transportation