Manor Farm Area Parking Review

Closed 31 Mar 2011

Opened 29 Nov 2010

Results updated 7 Sep 2011

The responses have now been reviewed and the comments used to develop a revised set of proposals. A revised plan of the proposals can be found below.

The next stage is the preparation of the legal paperwork, which will lead to the proposals being publicly advertised. This will involve a Notice being published in the local press and placed on lamp columns throughout the area. Plans will also be available to view in the local library and the Council House. The Notice will invite people to formally oppose or support the final scheme proposals by writing to the Head of Legal Services. Subject to the outcome of this statutory public consultation, a decision will be made whether to implement, modify or abandon the proposals.

We realise that not everybody who responded to the consultation will be in favour of the revised proposals and the statutory process outlined above provides those residents and other interested parties with the opportunity to formally object.



The parts of the Manor Farm area that lie close to Southmead Hospital experience high demand for on-street parking. Many of the roads are very narrow and uncontrolled parking often makes the roads difficult to access for both motorists and pedestrians. The purpose of this scheme is to provide parking restrictions, such as double yellow lines, to address locations where parking can be obstructive.


Update: 24 Jan 2011

The consultation response was very low and proved to be inconclusive. We will, therefore, be attending the local Neighbourhood Forum Meeting on 28th January in order to have detailed discussions with local residents on the proposals set out in the consultation. We have also asked that the consultation finder page be reopened whilst this extra consultation is undertaken.

Why your views matter

To seek local residents views and comments on the proposed restrictions.

What happens next

The results of the consultation will be used to input into the final design before moving onto the statutory consultation process.


  • Horfield


  • All residents
  • Business
  • Community & Voluntary organisations


  • Planning
  • Regeneration
  • Traffic and transportation