Lower Redland Road and Chapel Green Lane Pedestrian Improvements

Closed 23 Aug 2015

Opened 21 Jul 2015

Results updated 4 Jul 2016

An initial consultation was carried out in July 2015 to which 24 responses were received. Eighteen fully supported the scheme while six did not feel the scheme is necessary.  

The responses have now been reviewed and the comments used to finalise a design for the pedestrian improvements in Lower Redland Road/Chapel Green Lane.

In order to improve visibility for pedestrians, when crossing the road, and reduce traffic speeds, the Lower Redland Road/Chapel Green Lane junction is being narrowed with build-outs on each side, with an opportunity for a tree to be planted.

There will be no loss of parking, with the existing bays outside nos. 36/38 being relocated slightly with the realigned kerbline.


The Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership have selected a scheme to improve pedestrian facilities at the junction of Lower Redland Road and Chapel Green Lane.

We are proposing to introduce a build-out which will reduce the width of the junction, slowing traffic and improving visibility for pedestrians when crossing. Dropped kerbs and tactile paving will be installed and the new space will provide an opportunity for a tree to be planted.

Why your views matter

This consultation offers the opportunity to local residents to comment on the proposals and help shape the final design.

What happens next

Subject to the outcome of this consultation, further detailed design work will be carried out, where consideration can be given to the comments submitted.


  • Cotham


  • All residents


  • Traffic and transportation