Lockleaze - Neighbourhood Planning Forum Re-designation Application

Closed 1 Sep 2017

Opened 10 Jul 2017

Results expected 13 Sep 2017

Feedback expected 13 Sep 2017


Community groups can apply for the designation of a Neighbourhood (Planning) Area and apply to be designated as the Neighbourhood (Planning) Forum for that area.  A designated Neighbourhood (Planning) Forum will then be able to prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan or Neighbourhood Development Orders for the area.

Lockleaze became a designated neighbourhood planning area and Lockleaze Voice Neighbourhood Development Forum the designated forum for that area on 30th July 2012. The Forum was designated for 5 years.

An Application has been received to re-designate the Lockleaze Voice Neighbourhood Development Forum as the Neighbourhood Planning Forum for the Lockleaze Neighbourhood Planning Area.

Should any Neighbourhood Development Plan be confirmed at a referendum it is then made part of the Development Plan for Bristol and will be used alongside the Bristol Local Plan to determine planning applications in the relevant Neighbourhood (Planning) Area.

Why We Are Consulting

The Council is required to publicise applications for the re-designation of a Neighbourhood Planning Forum.

What Happens Next

All comments received will be considered by the Council.

The Council’s decision on whether to re-designate the Neighbourhood Planning Forum will be published on the Council’s website.


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